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Buy Kinect: Microsoft's Answer to Motion Control

Updated on May 9, 2011


The amazing new Kinect - anything is possible!
The amazing new Kinect - anything is possible!


Since 2009 Microsoft have been talking about and showing off one of their latest products and their first real attempt at motion control. Previously known as Natal or even Project Natal the idea is to provide something a little different from everyone else. Yes I am sure they wer encouraged by the Nintendo Wii's success but this is actually quite different - not completely but it is different. You could say it is Microsoft's answer to motion control.

In my opinion Kinect will be better than the Wii. Kinect is not instead of controllers, it is to complement them and give the Xbox 360 the best control system around. While there are going to be titles designed just for Kinect there are still going to be core gaming titles like Halo Reach for the Xbox 360. Kinect in most games though will be an option and the idea is to give a variety of games and get the most out of the Xbox 360.

The beauty of it is as well if you have not already got an Xbox 360 you can get the amazing new Xbox 360 "Slim" 250GB which is slimmer, has built in wifi, a massive 250GB hard drive, is whisper quiet, looks beautiful and is the same price as the Xbox 360 Elite. With that and Kinect you could not have joined with the best game console at a better time!

I believe Microsoft can make this work because:

  1. They have a better system which can provide better graphics.
  2. They can use Kinect with Xbox Live - what better combination you could play against your friends.
  3. It is different - Kinect tracks your full body movement in 3D, has an amazing voice recognition system that recognizes and understands you and will be compatible with the best gaming console!
  4. The potential is fantastic - imagine some of the games that will come out - anything is possible.
  5. Although you may think it seems expensive it is a much better choice than a Wii due to the fantastic games the Xbox 360 already has, the potential and the pricing is actually very good. Although the starter kit for the move is $100 and Kinect is roughly $150 - that is it for 4 players and maybe even more - the move will cost at least an extra $25 per controller!
  6. Everyone can use it!
  7. Video chat - talk to your friends with video chat
  8. Cool navigation of menus - just wave and you sign in
  9. You get a couple of free games with it!
  10. If you get the 250GB new and much improved Xbox 360 and Kinect you will have the best game console combination possible!

Price Comparison

How much Kinect costs if you don't have an Xbox compared to other systems
How much Kinect costs if you don't have an Xbox compared to other systems
How much Kinect costs if you already own a system.  Yes these are a little biased but it is cheaper for better technology!
How much Kinect costs if you already own a system. Yes these are a little biased but it is cheaper for better technology!

You are the Controller

With Kinect you are the controller - Kinect's sensor can recognize body movement and your face and listen and understand your voice.  The potential is amazing - you may be able to in a few years play games just with your voice if you want!  Or you will be able to listen to music on by just saying search for pop music!  Or you will be able to take part in a football match online where everyone is running around in their living room!

Project Natal Announcement

Free Games That Come With Kinect

You do actually get a couple of free games with Kinect - however don't expect much from them but still they should be interesting and keep you entertained for a few hours.

Ricochet - A Breakout style game in which your whole body is used to bounce balls at blocks. A one or two player experience. Sounds reasonably fun.

Paint Party - Make motions to splash or draw with paint onto walls. You can choose colours using speech recognition and pose to make stencils. Does not sound very good admittedly - still it is free!

Milo and Kate - Interact with a young child either Milo or Milly and his/her dog Kate. This was shown at E3 in 2009 and looked a pretty interesting idea. This is a full game. Should be worth trying out at least and may turn out to be very good. UPDATE Apparently this does not come with Kinect and is only a tech demo!

More Kinect

Looking for more Kinect information and articles?  Look no further!

Kinect Games

Kinect Sports

Dance Central

Kinect Adventures

Fable 3 (uses Kinect)


What is Kinect

Kinect Games

Microsoft have announced Kinect will launch with at least 15 titles and many major developers have already shown support in Kinect which shows it must at least have potential!

The best games that have already been announced:

  1. Kinect Sports - This is completely different from Wii Sports. OK I admit it - it is not. However it is a little different. There seems to be a little more crowd interaction and there are some different events. It looks like it will be quite fun to be honest! Click the link to find out more.
  2. Joy Ride - Looks pretty fun actually. It looks like you lean to drift into corners and whilst in the air leaning will pull off some insane stunts.
  3. Kinectimals - One for the kids. A young child would love it but that is it. You get to play with around 40 different animals like tigers and they do look kind of cute but if you are a man I am afraid you can't play this!
  4. Dance Central - This has received lots of positive comments already and is made by Harmonix who made the excellent Rock Band. If you like dancing this looks like a fantastic title and even if you don't it is worth looking at.
  5. Star Wars Title - This looks pretty cool although not much is known about it yet. But simply put you can look forward to using the force and pretending your Darth Vader. And of course having light saber fights! Looks like one for the core gamers!
  6. Kinect Adventures - Includes a river raft time trial and an obstacle course. Up to four players. Looks really good fun especially the raft part.

Full list of Kinect launch titles:

  • Adrenalin Misfits - Looks like a fun extreme sports game
  • Dance Central - see above and link
  • Dance Masters - dancing game
  • Deca Sports Freedom - sports game
  • EA Sports Active 2 - fitness game
  • Game Party In Motion
  • Kinect Adventures - see link
  • Kinect Joy Ride - see above
  • Kinect Sports - see above and link
  • Kinectimals - see above
  • Michael Jackson the Game - dancing game
  • Motion Sports - sports game
  • Sonic Free Riders
  • The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout - fitness game
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - fitness game
  • Zumba Party - Fitness Game

You Need Kinect

You need Kinect if you are an Xbox 360 owner!  The hardware is cool enough and just navigating through the menus and features like video chat make this worth having.  Add to unlimited potential, some fantastic games and a system everyone can use with cool features like voice recognition and a motion sensor combined with the Xbox 360 already amazing capabilities like Xbox Live and fantastic HD graphics and you have the best games console combination ever!


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    • ns1209 profile image

      ns1209 7 years ago from UK - England

      @Bryce Yes, most of the games look like Wii's ones at the minute, however even without the games you can still do a lot with Kinect like video chat and navigate menus and I think there will become more and more games that have Kinect section for core games (imagine Fifa with a Kinect mode) and Forza 3 add on has been announced as well. I think the prices at the moment no one is sure about for the games but I hope they are cheaper than normal games. They will come down quite fast after about 6 months into Kinect. I think it is really exciting though and offers something else to the Xbox 360 which must be a plus! Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      bryce helm 7 years ago

      kinect looks pretty cool i cdont no if theres any glitches they have found yet but it looks as if they already fixed them all so i guess its perfesct but the games look sorta like they wii games i mean by that is its all animated nothing with real graghics but i'll have to check into it more but so far it lookss flawless but i dont no bout the price i mean yeah its brand new but i could buy so much more with that money i mean some game sysmtems cost that much but yet they need to look over the prices i mean i havent looked at the game prices but i bet they are alot of money to so ill probally look into it more so ill probally post bout it again