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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Twelve: Sinners' Rise - The Lost Sinner

Updated on March 17, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Lost Bastille is coming to a close. You've covered a significant portion of the enormous prison, and now only an enormous tower stands in your way to full completion. But while you may think you're about to rise to the tallest part of the prison, this final refuge of the damned will send you into the depths to take on the Bastille's most infamous prisoner...

Before tackling Sinners' Rise, I highly recommend going after Belfry Luna, found slightly earlier in the Lost Bastille. An item acquired in this side area will make tackling the final boss of Sinners' Rise much, much easier.

Sinners' Rise

- Head downstairs from the Straid's Cell Bonfire and out the door, towards the mist. Immediately outside and to your right is a small nook, watched over by a soldier. Kill said soldier and you'll find a corpse behind him. It carries eight Lifegems. I recommend killing this guy first every time you decide to cross this bridge, as he'll follow you and make your life annoying otherwise.

- Dash towards the mist, as there's a small contingent of three jerks on the ramparts above it with crossbows. You don't want them to hit you and whitle away your health.

- Once you're inside the tower, two soldiers will hop down from above. If you're lucky, one will probably fall to the bottom floor. Kill off whomever gets up to you.

- Clear this area of soldiers. They're up, they're down, they'll change elevations often. There are six or seven of the guys between the three levels; I recommend wiping out anyone who's up top and shooting or otherwise engaging the remaining troops from the top level.

- While you're up here, spark the Sinners' Rise Bonfire. Mind that you'll come out fighting immediately after if you use it, as crossbowmen are waiting on the ramparts for people to cross. Check the one doorway up here for a Large Soul of a Lost Undead, but mind that there's only a tiny ledge beyond the door.

- Make your way back down to the bottom floor. Check the end of the outer walkway to find a dangling corpse; it holds a Human Effigy. Grab this, heal up, and step onto the platform in the middle of the room. It will lower you into the bowels of this place.

- Just before you arrive at your destination, hop off of the lift onto the wooden platform. There's a corpse here that carries five Lacerating Knives. Then hop down to the floor. At the bottom you'll find a sign for summoning Lucatiel's phantom if you need help in combat.

- Up ahead you'll be wading into water. This next stretch of tunnel is long, and populated by three lumbering horrors. If you want to explore the first few cells of this area, draw them out one-by-one (there's one to your right and two to your left) and kill them off by luring them into the elevator room and circling warily. Their cells contain Sublime Bone Dust and a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

- Halfway through this watery hall you'll see stairs to the right and left of you, and a ghoul will rise out of the water to chase you. Strike it down, then go up either set of stairs. There's another ghoul on both sides. The only cell up here worth checking requires the Bastille Key; inside is a Fire Seed.

- Get back into the water and check the cells that are partially submerbed. Three of the four cells cotain ghouls; the fourth, the second on your left, has a corpse that carries a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Pharros' Lockstone. Past these cells is a gate you can pop open via a wall switch, but be ready to fight off another ghoul that appears at your back when you pull the switch. If you have the Bastille Key you can open the doors to the sides of the gate and pass through unmolestd.

- There's another mist door beyond the gate, on the other side of a long, thin bridge. It is flanked by long stairs that lead up to locked doors. Check beside the left staircase to find a corpse that carries a Radiant Lifegem. Both doors at the tops of these staircases require the Bastille Key; in the right is a Smooth and Silky Stone, in the left... well, nothing. And yet, something.

- The moment of truth. These two locked rooms have oil chutes that lead down to the boss's chamber. If you use your lit Torch on both of these chutes, you'll light up the room and make the next battle substantially easier. If not... well, have fun. I recommend going back after clearing out at least the soldiers and ghouls and lighting a Torch at the Bonfire, which is, sadly, the closest place you can do this. You cannot roll while carrying the Torch through the water, so keep this in mind while evading the giant horrors that wade about in the water.

The Lost Sinner

That's quite a sword. The Lost Sinner is a vicious opponent, and will constantly come at you with long, powerful, extremely-fast sword attacks. This is much worse if there's no light in the room, as you'll only be able to lock on to it when it's extremely close. You can use a Torch to offset this somewhat, but this negates the advantage of a shield. (Plus, y'know, why not just use it to light the room?)

The Lost Sinner doesn't have a ton of attacks, but the ones it has are punishing:

- It will run at you and slash. Often this will turn into a combo or two or three slashes. Don't feel safe to attack until it is straightening its posture.

- It will run at you and thrust. This has a deceptively long range, and the speed with which it's used can be surprising. Roll to the side and get in a hit or two.

- It will leap into the air and try to come down on you. If it misses it may come out of the move with another slash. As soon as you lose your lock, roll to one side. Keep rolling until you can reacquire the lock.

- The Lost Sinner also likes to leap around a lot, making it a difficult opponent to hit. Don't try to strike it with ranged weapons in particular until it stops moving.

This will be a high-tension fight, but surprisingly simple: dodge, attack, dodge, attack. The key here is to not get too greedy. Hit the Lost Sinner once, then get ready for its next attack. It recovers very quickly, barely giving you enough time to strike out. This can be especially dangerous if you decide to heal - unless you're quite a distance away, which won't happen often, the Estus Flask will take too long. Only rely on Lifegems to survive the battle.

If you're having trouble with this fight, revert to a human and summon Lucatiel. She'll distract the Lost Sinner, and though she almost certainly can't beat the thing herself she'll give you more than enough time to chip away at its health unmolested.

- Beating the Lost Sinner will earn you the Soul of the Lost Sinner. Check the door in the rear of the Lost Sinner's arena to find a chest containing a Fragrant Branch of Yore and an Elizabeth Mushroom, as well as a special Bonfire that will shoot you back to Majule. Well, fancy that.


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