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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Four: Iron Keep - Belfry Sol

Updated on March 18, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Smelter Demon is dead (or not), and you've made it past the halfway point of the Iron Keep. It only gets worse from here - even more so when you discover that there's another area to get through. One you can ignore, if you wish, but it might just be worth pursuing...

Iron Keep

- The next room consists of a ton of soldiers, traps, platforms, and lava. Start by fighting off the archer that will rush over to you, staying close to the entrance. Then hit the lever to your right. It will lower a large platform ahead into the lava, killing a pair of soldiers on it and replacing them with flame traps that are easier to bypass. Raise the lever again and you'll just have a plain path. Mind you do this every time you pass through here or you'll have to face the turtle soldiers.

- To your left is a small room with a Pharros' Lockstone face. Activating it will create a path up to the roof of this structure, where you'll find a chest containing a Thunder Quartz Ring +1. This is a great place to snipe enemies in the area. There's also the Belfry Sol Approach Bonfire here you can light to shorten your path through Iron Keep, and if you climb the ladder beside it you'll find a crazy dude at the top who will allow you to join the Bell Keeper covenant - and a mist door leading to Belfry Sol.

Belfry Sol

- At the top of the ladder you'll find the Bell Keeper covenant's keeper. Beside him is a mist door. If you pop through it you'll find yourself in a large arena area, and a bell keeper will charge at you. Avoid the temptation to charge through this place and take it on by the door. If you run too far you'll attract the attention of the soldier, the witch-like spear user, and the other two bell keepers up here. Move slowly through the area and take them on one-at-a-time, retreating back to the door as necessary. Note that only the bell keepers in this area regenerate; killing the other phantoms will get rid of them forever.

- Head to the far corner of this area, where there are two towers to enter. Look around the side of the left one to find a corpse carrying Simpleton's Spice. Pull the switch in the right tower to ring its bell, then climb the ladder in the left to the roof of Belfry Sol.

- Up here you'll confront a creature that carries two crossbows, and can fire them rather quickly. Get in close to negate its advantage and smash it around. Once you're up here a Bell Keeper spirit will likely appear back on the ground. This entire section is subject to online invaders, so expect to be attacked often if you decide to go through here while connected to the internet.

- Walk across the top of the roof until you see enemies on your left. Go down the opposite side of the rooftop to find a corpse that carries a Simpleton's Spice.

- Walk down to attract the attention of the enemies below, then get out of sight of the archers. The swordsman will get up on the roof to challenge you. Kill him first, then go after the archers.

- Once the area's cleared, hop down in front of the mist door. There's a corpse to your right with a Simpleton's Spice.

- Aaaaand mist door. Pop through... ready...!

- ... oh. Treasure chest. Inside is Immolation. Score. Climb down the stairs here to find a corpse carrying a Human Effigy and Triclops Snake Troches. The pathway ahead will take you back to Iron Keep.

- Before going elsewhere, check the wall beside the doorway leading back into Iron Keep, on the caged platform. It'll pop open to reveal a chamber with two chests: one has a Protective Chime and a Grand spirit Tree Shield, the other a Black Knight Greatsword.

- Pop back downstairs. You're right where you came in - and the rest of the Iron Keep awaits. Onward!


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