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Dark Souls II Walkthrough, Part Twenty-One: Earthen Peak - Lower Earthen Peak

Updated on March 21, 2014
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dark Souls II owned by Namco Bandai. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Woo! That enormous demon you just fought wasn't too bad at all, and it will surely set the tone for the rest of this poisonous palace. Right? Well, no, sadly not. Earthen Peak only gets tougher from here - though with due trepidation, and a little luck, you may just make it through in one piece. May.

Earthen Peak

- Follow the path beyond the Lower Earthen Peak Bonfire until you reach a set of stairs. At the top are two more of the headless rogues you fought earlier, and the one closest to the stairs will start by hurling daggers at you. Dispatch it before grabbing the attenton of the one by the hanging pot of poison. There's also a hammer-wielder in here, but he probably won't come at you until you get near the pot. Beside him is a corpse carrying a Radiant Lifegem.

- Check out the doorway. There's a narrow path ahead, and two archers on an adjacent path to your right. Wipe out the archers first, then go after the armoured spear-wielder on the other side of the path. He fights similarly to the spear-users back in Forest of Fallen Giants, though he's a fair bit faster. Wait for him to poke at you three times before attacking back.

- There's a long room behind the dude you just wiped out. To your left is a ladder; approach it cautiously, as two headless rogues will leap down to engage you. At the top of the ladder you'll find a third, though before going after him, go through this room to the end, past the poison pot. You'll find stairs leading down. There's a rogue waiting near the bottom, so be careful to roll out of the way as you round the corner. At the end of this path you'll find a chest containing a Pike.

- (There's also a switch in this long room that raises the pot of poison out of the way. I guess that could be helpful? You don't get into a ton of fights in here...)

- At the top of the ladder you'll find a mist door. Don't hesitate to go through, as there's just a Bonfire, Central Earthen Peak, behind it. Trigger the Bonfire and keep climbing the next set of stairs.

- Upon arrival at the next level you'll find a corpse holding three Black Firebombs. In front of it is a doorway; ignore it for just a moment and look to your right. If you pass by the next stone support you'll trigger an arrow trap that will fire three arrows. Either skin along the edge of the stairs to avoid this or roll past to avoid the arrows. By the hole that fires is a corpse carrying a Manikin Mask, but be careful grabbing it - a headless rogue will leap out and attack.

- Ignore the ladder for the moment and go through the door. There's a rogue on your left; kill it before it can ambush you. Next to the door on the balcony is a switch that will open and close it. Shrug?

- Bash the railing away from the balcony's edge. You can go out onto it and find a Simpleton's Spice held by a corpse. If you follow the edge near the doorway you'll find a man who will offer you a ladder to reach a lower perch; down here is a corpse holding a Pharros' Lockstone and a Twinkling Titanite. Well worth 2,000 souls. Talk to the man again (Gilligan!) and he'll sell you arms, as well as teach you the Prostration gesture. Keep talking to him and he'll offer some hints as to what's to come, and to send him off to Majula. He'll be helpful in the future if you need a ladder.

- Approach the lift at the end of the balcony. A switch here will raise it to another level. Don't jump on yet, though - once the lift is out of the way, you can find a corpse containing a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and a Divine Blessing underneath. Climb the ladder in this pit to get out before the lift comes down on you. The lift takes you up to a trap, basically, and I wouldn't recommend using it.

- Use the ladder in the lift room to get to a small corridor. At the end of it is another spear user. Use it, then take a right in this corridor. You'll find a small room... and in it, if you spoke to him in Forest of Fallen Giants, Pate. He sounds as tricksy as ever.

- The path splits ahead. To your right is a pyromancer who will fling fireballs at you, though with something of a poor range. Melee combatants can't get at him; I recommend ranged fighters take him out in advance. Drop off of the platform here to reach a lower platform; you'll find a passage that leads to a chest. In it is a Great Heavy Soul Arrow. Go through the door outside the passage to reach Pate again, and make sure you talk to him before you leave.

- Back to the split. To the left is another pyromancer, this one within range, and another spear user. Draw the spearman away before taking on the pyromancer. Both pyromancers explode upon defeat, so back up when they fall.

- After clearing the room, check the dead pyromancer for a Dragon Charm, and look to the left for a chest. It's trapped, no surprise, but ultimately contains a Pharros' Lockstone. In the rear of this room you'll find a spinning wheel that covers a small room, one watched over by a rogue. Kill it from anove, roll down, and you'll find yourself in the lift room again. Now that the guards are gone you can check the chest here safely to find a Mirrah Shield.

- Remember the ladder you passed earlier? Head back to it now. You've got a date with the lord of this place, and danged if she ain't purdy as a bow.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Tullsau I had same problem, go up the ladder beside the gate and go down the hallway with the fan looking thing on the floor. Fall down into it and then follow path back to balcony and then u can pull lever opening the gate. If fan is moving you must use a torch and light the windmill on fire before the second bonfire.

    • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Bird 

      4 years ago from Canada

      I don't even remember a gate in this area. My best speculation is the switch that raises the pot also does that...? I honestly don't know.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The gate was closed when i got there, by the ladder :S How do i get in?


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