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Days Of The Dead Tips, Guides, Hints, Walkthrough And Help: Win This Online Game

Updated on June 18, 2010

Gamers who have been enjoying this enjoyable but difficult defense-shooter will want to read this Days of the Dead walkthrough. It will help new players make it through all 13 days of undead monster madness.

Beginners Hints For Days of the Dead

Starting out, this game can be a bit daunting.  In fact, the most difficult levels are in the early to middle portions of the game. The game becomes significantly easier during the final levels when the best equipment is available.

When aiming at the approaching enemies, remember that your bow and arrow have a realistic arc to them.  Aim above and behind the undead as they approach.  As it takes about a second or so to fire an arrow, you will usually have to adjust your aim for each shot.  Generally it just requires moving the targeting reticule downwards to keep your shots on point.

It is also important to remember that this game does register head shots.  These will do significantly more damage.  For many monsters, it will be the only way to efficiently kill them before they reach your barrier.

Days of the Dead Battle Scene
Days of the Dead Battle Scene

Defeating Enemies In Days Of The Dead

Here are some Days of the Dead tips which will help players take out the variety of undead which will assail your castle's barricades. Use these guides to Days of the Dead enemies to ensure that no one ever takes manages to take out your wall.

  • Skeleton Warrior - Low HP, low defense, these are easy to kill. Critical hits or body shots will take them out quickly.
  • Armored Skeleton Warrior - Low HP but High Defense. Head shots are the only way to kill these enemies quickly.
  • Skeleton Archers - These long-range enemies can be a bit of a hassle even late into the game. They have medium armor and take several shots to kill. It will usually take at least two head shots to drop them. They will stop at midfield and begin firing on your wall.
  • Giant Boars - These monstrous pigs are fast, have a large amount of armor, and high HP. That hardly sounds fair, doesn't it? Well, the good news is that they are an extremely large target and very easy to preform a head shot on.
  • Tower Shield Skeletons - Absurdly high defense with average HP. These beasts will all but require head shots to take out. If it looks like they are overwhelming you. use your strongest magic attack to clear the field. Poison works better than arrow wave, due to their high defense.
  • Wargs - These giant hell hounds are just like the Giant Boar enemies, except with even more health and more attack power. Kill them quickly.
  • Armored Knight Skeletons - Fast, High HP, High Armor, and a good attack to boot.  These might seem difficult but by the time they appear you should be a master at head shots and will kill them quickly.

Upgrading magic will help in Days of the Dead
Upgrading magic will help in Days of the Dead

Use Magic For Success

Another great Days of the Dead hint is to make good use of your magic.  All four available spells are extremely useful.  Get arrow spray first. This hits the entire screen, and if you have a good critical skill can do a lot of damage do to multiple head shots.

This is good in most circumstances but high HP monsters will be better killed by poison or meteor skills.  These will not be affordable into later levels, so plan wisely.  It is also extremely handy to have increased your max mp at least once.  Regen rate is relatively fast, so only invest in that once at the most.

Days of the Dead Guide: Keep Your Weapons Upgraded

You will earn gold while killing the undead.  As long as your wall is in good shape, spend all of it on upgrading your bows and arrows.  The damage increase will make a huge difference and make unwinnable battle significantly easier.

In fact, once the fire bow is available the game becomes a breeze.  The splash damage effect will allow gamers to take out the final waves of enemies with no problem at all.  Just make sure you have the 2400 gold coins available and you can show this game who's boss.


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