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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Twenty-Seven: Biology Laboratory

Updated on February 14, 2013

Rosetta, it turns out, is a spliced, fragmented being frozen in slabs of ice that have been distributed all over the Research Compound. It's up to Isaac to track down the four missing pieces and return them to the Rosetta Lab. We're already in the Biology Laboratory, so why not start here?

Head to the security door at the end of the hall. Almost immediately inside you'll see some kind of pulsating blob on the floor. Don't get too close - it will launch a small explosive that will hurt you and kill itself. Shoot these from a distance. Continue down the hallway, checking the walls for more of these.

Eventually Isaac will note that there's an organic substance blocking some of the doors. Lovely. Can't do anything about it just yet, so press on. At the end you'll find a row of lockers (guarded by one of those blobs, so be careful - one has Tungsten so it's worth opening) and a console that will activate gas to unblock the doors. As is par for Dead Space, the pumps are currently clogged. You'll have to unclog them.

Go through the nearby door. Inside is an Upgrade Circuit in a wall container, a Text Log and a lift. Be careful riding it down, as Necromorphs are on the walls down here. Shoot them down at the bottom, then check the electrical breakers. The pump needs power. Set the third switch to the right, the fourth to the left and the bottom two to the right to get both the pump and the elevator working - then get ready for two Necromorphs to appear and try to ruin your day. Kill them and go back up the lift. Another will attack you at the top.

Use the computer console at the top to sterilize the hallways and get rid of the Necromorphic goo. Once the de-gassing's done you'll find two newly-opened areas: a door to the right and an elevator to the left. The elevator leads to the Paleontology Laboratory, so ignore it for now and use the door.

Through here is the Neurology subsection of the Biology Laboratory. Check the recording to your left, then pick your way through the debris, grabbing items as you go. Near the end of the section you'll run afoul of one of those weird Necromorphs that are attached to walls; blast it from a distance. Don't let it release any scuttling Necromorphs or they'll possess the bodies here and give you trouble. Look at the x-rays opposite the wall thing to find an Alien Artifact on a drum and look beside the creature for the slab containing a piece of Rosetta. Open the container -

- then prepare yourself for a fight, as, no surprise, Necromorphs will show up to attack you. All of them are straight melee battlers, and they're relatively slow. Weave around the lab, blasting them to pieces. These ones have a lot of sharp bits if you blow off their torsos, so don't be afraid to use Kinesis.

Grab the slab when the area's secure and set it in the orange niche near the entrance to Neurology. Hit the button here to send it to the Rosetta Lab. One piece down!


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