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Devil hunter walkthrough (levels 11-20)

Updated on March 27, 2012

Devil hunter is a physics puzzle game.

This is the second part of the Devil Hunter walkthrough for Android phones.

You may have a look at the first part of the walkthrough here. It is for the introductory levels 1-10.

Levels 11 to 20 are a bit more hard and may need replaying.

They are lot more fun though ;)

Level 11 needs to be played in order.
Level 11 needs to be played in order. | Source

Level 11

This level teaches about order and chaos. It has 2 ways to pass. First one is this:

  1. Release the demon (2) he falls and dies.
  2. Blow the bubble (1).
  3. Release the other demon (3) when the spikes are below him.
  4. Release the bubble (4) and blow it (5). It goes east
  5. Release the final demon (6).

But to pass this level with 94 points (for 3 stars) this method sucks. Try method 2.

  1. Blow the first bubble (1) and wait for the spikes to slide.
  2. Blow the second bubble (4) and 2 of the demons will spike themselves while the 3-rd one will bounce to the far left spikes.

Level 12 is all about bubbles :D
Level 12 is all about bubbles :D | Source

Level 12

It takes some precise blowing, but in general just follow the numbers in the picture:

  1. Release
  2. Blow bubble
  3. Blow without waiting or trajectory will bounce.
  4. Same as with 3, blow immediately.
  5. This one needs to be timed, and if not exact - you will miss the 3-rd star.

3 stars are possible only with precise timing of the bubble shockwaves. Although you will always get 2 stars, so if you are not about the stars, just blow bubbles in the order provided in the picture.

Level 13 is again precise blowing of bubbles.
Level 13 is again precise blowing of bubbles. | Source

Level 13

It sucks.

  1. Blow bubble (1) and wait for the spoon demon to get almost to 3/4-th of the middle platform.
  2. Blow bubble (2) and wait for the demon to grab the second star and roll down.
  3. Aim for the demon to pass a bit right-ish from the last bubble (3) and blow it too.

If you miss a fraction of the second - your demon will never die. He will riccoché on something and stop or he will simply miss the 2-nd star, so try few times.

All 3 stars are collectable if you aim precisely when to blow the bubbles (see red trajectory).

Level 14 is easy
Level 14 is easy | Source

Level 14

Regarless is looks like rocket science it is Easy one. You only need to cut the chains when they swing left. Nothing more.

  1. Cut the chain (1) when it swings left. The eye will trigger the bomb and the demon with the 2 eyes will be stabbed to death.
  2. Cut the second chain (2) the same way.
  3. When the bomb timer is 1 (one) release the spikes to start falling down.

If you do it right, those are quick 3 stars (can't miss the 2 on the map).

Level 15 is spiked mace swing.
Level 15 is spiked mace swing. | Source

Level 15

You can make only one mistake, and it is a brick falling down and kicking any of the 2 demons back.

Just follow the order and you will do it.

  1. Release bomb (1)
  2. When it explodes, release bomb (2). This way it will help swing back better.
  3. Release bomb (3)
  4. ... and (4) in case the last swing did not manage to kill them.

Both demons must be dead already. Score 88+ = 3 stars.

Level 16 is dull.
Level 16 is dull. | Source

Level 16

No rocket science here.

  1. Release bubble and blow it when it lands. The cart will slide right.
  2. Release the spikes over the cart.
  3. Release the demon over the spikes.
  4. Release the bomb and it will get the cart back
  5. Release the skeletal demon over the spiked cart.


Score 80+ = 3 stars.

Level 17 needs precision.
Level 17 needs precision. | Source

Level 17

Takes 1-2 tries to master, but is very easy:

  1. Slash the chain so the eye swings right.
  2. When almost below the demon, release him so he bounces over the star and into the spikes.
  3. On swinging back to the left -> cut the other chain so the eye slams the green demon over the other star.

That's all. Score 140+ = 3 stars.

Level 18 needs some luck.
Level 18 needs some luck. | Source

Level 18

This is the first level I replayed more than 10 times. The reason is - the swinging spiked hammers are TOO slow to time precisely and the 2 devils in the center swing to randomly.

  1. Release left eye, the spoon demon will swing to grab the star
  2. Push the spiked mace to swing towards the skeletal demon. (if it misses - restart)
  3. Drop the right eye, because now the spoon demon is too heavy and pulls down
  4. Crush him with the left spiked mace.

I am sure you will not make it in the first time, so don't get frustrated.

Leve 19 is easy.
Leve 19 is easy. | Source

Level 19

Nothing hard here.

  1. Blow bubble (1) and wait for the spiked cart to align almost below the star.
  2. Blow bubble (2) and the zombie-nurse demon will spike herself.


Score 117+ = 3 stars

Level 20 needs you to jump :)
Level 20 needs you to jump :) | Source

Level 20

Another easy level.

Simply alow the eye to pass below your demons by blowing the bubbles when the eye is near them.

Don't allow the eye to push them in the alcove on left of the screen.

This way the big spike gear will meet obstacle and can't kill them.

3 stars are guaranteed (you see them on the map)

That's all about levels 11-20. Next part of this walkthrough is about levels 21-30.

And in case I've got your attention -> download the game from the android market and start the fun ;) It is free.

EZJoy collect their revenue from the advertisements placed on the game screen. But It is almost invisible while you are playing.


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    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      Level 43 is a matter of timing.

      You need to time the 2 blows very accurately.

      Try the slow method I show in the picture.

      Start with the left devil. Blow the left bubble and let him hit the ledge and jump in the air a bit. Then blow the other bubble.

      Right devil is a bit trickier. It needs to pass a bit left and above the bubble and the you blow it towards the spikes.

      Don't be ashamed - I replayed this at least 50 times just to pass it with 1 or 2 stars and then another 50 times quickly for 3 stars.

    • profile image

      sheza 5 years ago

      The levils r 2 easy but still i want help 1day i was working on 3 but today iam working on 43 Thank you for helping me (but i can't pass levil 43 with the help too-D lol