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Bakugan Dharak & Phantom Dharak

Updated on January 5, 2014
Tan (Brown) Subterra Dharak 780G
Tan (Brown) Subterra Dharak 780G


Dharak is a new popular dragon bakugan that is the main enime in bakugan Gundalian Invaders. He is a very powerful bakugan with a dragon appearance, small wings and powerful structure. The actual toy looks like a replica to the one in real life. He has a few abilities, but most of them need Dharak Colossus attached to be activated.

He is the strongest Gundalian invaders and the exclusive partner of the Twelve Orders' Emperor Barodius. He projects a dark energy blast from his mouth to devastate his opponents. Only Emperor Barodious can bring out the best of his abilities. His game cards include it’s character card, where the battle ends with no winner. Dharak comes in all attributes: Ventus green, Darkus black, crimson red Pyrus, blue Aquos, and white Haos. Also, if you're lucky you may also find a Deka version of him. He is a multiple variation bakugan, so he will eventually evolve in battle. The 5 types are Dharak, Phantom Dharak, Brawlacus Dharak, Splight, and Dharak Colossus. He has a medium range of G-power, around 610 - 870G's. Aquos holds the most power of 870G, and 610G in BakuTriad. His basic shape when opened is like a dragon with 4 legs, flat wings, and a tail and neck.

Brawlacus Dharak is currently not sold separately, you must purchase the entire Dharak Colossus in order to get it. I will write about Splight in another hub soon.

Gray Haos Phantom Dharak
Gray Haos Phantom Dharak

Phantom Dharak

The evolution after that is Phantom Dharak. For some reason, it looks much different than Dharak. The body is low to the ground, and the length is extended forward. Also, Phantom Dharak has two massive claws that face forward. They were probably exchanged from the Dharak Colossus (Riptor + Smashtor), and there are 4 wings that were added on. Generally, the basic shape is similar to Longfly. He is a part of the BakuDouble Strike, and the G-power varies a long distance. Darkus and Haos both have 800, and Aquos is 670. In Bakugan Dimensions, it is seen with shortened wings, massive size, and two creatures on his shoulders. He stands up on both legs this time. Like Brawlacus Dharak, he is able to combine with Dharak Colossus. In the anime, Phantom Dharak is also known as Dharakanoid, and is “The first bakugan ever”, therefore showing he is a very powerful bakugan. The look of him is very cool, and looks fierce. Although they are now being rarely sold in stores, they are considered common.


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