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Dharak Colossus Bakugan

Updated on June 6, 2011
Dharak Colossus Bakugan Toy
Dharak Colossus Bakugan Toy

What is Dharak Colossus

If you come here to find out how to assemble and activate Dharak Colossus, please scroll down to the bottom for a complete and impressive video review.

Colossus Bakugan is the hottest bakugan battle brawlers top everyone's list this holiday season. There's a sensation around it and it won't likely vanish anytime soon. Dharak and Drago Colossus are the two in this category. Either one would make fantastic gift for your sons and daughters.

Buy Dharak Colossus Bakugan Toy Online

Dharak Colossus is the newly released most popular in demand bakugan in the year of 2010. Served by his unbeatable power, this bakugan super assault measures almost 8 inches in diameter. The vehicle is made up of many bakugan traps that boost Dharak’s power level by a small amount. The parts are Brawlacus Dharak, Dharak, Smashtor, and Exokor. Together, the power level is over 900. Unlike Colossus Dragonoid, Dharak’s Mobile assault vehicle stands on two legs and uses electric energy to create attacks. He is much bigger than other bakugan. In the show, Smashtor and Exokor appear to act as the vehicles feet, but in real life it acts as the arms. While closed, Dharak Colossus seems smaller than normal, but when Dharak is placed on top, it suddenly opens and the actually form is revealed.

Dharak Colossus in Episodes

As a Mobile assault, Dharak Colossus has appeared very often. In episode 14, where he destroys the second shield with the ability “Darkness Waver”. Afterward, Lumino Dragonoid comes and battles it. Dharak leads with a strong ability called Thunder Probe and severely injured Drago, Knocking him to the ground. But Drago gets up after almost being crushed under the vehicle. But the battle was suspended because of the sacred orb. Another battle has taken place in episode 24. Drago was once at the urge of winning, with two direct blows. However, Dharak stops Drago’s next attack. Dharak then breaks the revived shield. This shows that This Mobile assault is one of the most complex and powerful bakugan for a long time.

Dharak Colossus has four parts that can be separated for individual use. The two bakugan Smashtor and Exokor, are counted as battle gear. However, these parts can not combine with any other bakugan. It is a very advanced bakugan. There are many ability cards that can be used in the actual game, because each bakugan battle gear may have its own cards, so it can be used by the entire thing. In Anime, Dharak colossus has 8 known abilities. However, since Dharak has never actually battled in an arena, nobody knows what they do. This Mobile Assault is actually a remake of Maxus bakugan (a.k.a. Maxus Dragonoid and Maxus Helios). Unlike Maxus bakugan, Dharak colossus is fully organic and can be taken apart to fight on its own. Overall, I think Dharak colossus is definitely worth buying for the high prices since it is hard to find and it is the most recent release of bakugan.

A Very Impressive Dharak Colossus Youtube Video Revivew


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    • profile image

      Cathy Yates 7 years ago

      Thanks for showing us, my son has been having a problem with his since we got him for Christmas and he was very frustrated. I had him watch your video and he was able to see one small thing he was doing wrong. His words "that guy was awsome." He was very happy it was not broken like we all thought it might be. Thanks!

    • snakebaby profile image

      Sabrina Yuquan Chen (陈玉泉) 7 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

      Thanks! Glad we presented this Colossus bakugan well:)

    • profile image

      rustie 7 years ago

      That was AWSOME!