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Buy Remote Control Davros

Updated on March 10, 2014

Radio Controlled Davros

When doctor who came back on our screens in 2005, the very thought of all the creatures good and bad appearing in toy format was something that my two kids was really looking forward to playing with and since the years have gone by they have had remote control daleks,voice changing cybermen masks and lots of other Doctor Who goodies, but now my son has a remote control Davros, the lord and creator of the Daleks.

It's the large 12" radio controlled Davros with 9 actual voice phrases from the fourth doctor who series, in particular Journeys End, Davros has had many incarnations over the years in the old doctor who, but really he has stayed the same sitting in a dalek shell of a remote control electric chair himself.

And with this remote control Davros you can move it forward and back, like the previous Dalek radio controlled Daleks, plus you can spin him around clockwise and anti-clockwise and the eye in the middle of Davros' head lights up a light blue with also a blue light on the chair.

The detail and the way this Doctor Who toy resembles the original character in the series is a standard of the way these figures are made these days, with realistic paintwork and colours.

Watch the video below to see the remote Control Davros in action and it's worth noting that you can get a smaller radio controlled davros at a puny 5" just in case the big one is too big for you to handle...hahaha!

Remote Control Davros

Remote Control Davros

Remote control davros from Doctor Who.
Remote control davros from Doctor Who.

Davros Radio Controlled Toy

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Yes that would be cool to dress up as Davros, I'd like to be a cyberman in full armour and delete a few people that tick me off, like our prime minister Gordon Brown..delete,delete,delete!!!