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Dolls House Furniture For Sale, Modern & Victorian

Updated on July 19, 2017

Cheap Dolls House / Doll Houses Furniture For Sale

Furniture for Dolls Houses has been big business since the Victorian times. The little girls hobby of Dolls Houses has enchanted millions of everyones little Princesses around the world for generations.

A Dolls House is not just a toy, for a little girl, it is a new adventure every day, for her and her new imaginary family. That is why the toy furniture market has designed and developed new furniture every year to comply with the wishes of all our little Princesses.

Imagination is the key to a healthy life for our own daughters, and we will do all we can to accommodate them. Most of the modern furniture for dolls houses are 'pocket money prices', priced especially for the little ones to buy themselves, teaching them how to appreciate the value of what they are buying and allowing them to also appreciate the method of saving money for the furniture that they want.

Furniture Designs

Pocket Money Prices

Dolls house furniture designs and patterns cover many different eras. The beautiful Victorian furniture can be very articulate in design with character, even down to the Queen Ann legs on the table and chairs.

There are the contemporary designs, which seem to be loosely based on Ikea styles. Modern designs include microwaves and dishwashers, and all the mod cons for the average family of today. It is this design which a young girl might adapt to easier, as they have been brought up with this style in real life.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

Modern Furniture

Microwaves, Tvs' Etc

The modern style of furniture for young girls is an excellent choice, as they can relate to all of it. Watch as your daughter creates her own make believe miniature family, rearranging the furniture in the dining room from time to time, as most women will do when they grow up.

Discover yourself watching how she will arrange the kitchen furniture for what will best suit her and the dolls needs, possibly up to seven times a day. The imagination will be flowing like never before, your daughter will use every room in her dolls house.

Filling each room with the necessary furniture such as baths, high chairs for the little baby, wardrobes, carpets and even bedside lamps is ideal playtime for a young child. The dollhouse is a beautiful idea, the furniture is the icing on the cake.

Victorian Furniture

Antique Styels

The Dolls House Victorian furniture can be totally gorgeous, but sometimes, so can the price. Some of the Victorian furniture many mums or dads will want to keep as an ornament, they are that good.

The little lamps light up, the attention to detail is remarkable, and the craftsmanship is perfect. But the expense on some of these items can be extortionate, and would probably sell in Christies Auction House.

Other makes can be a lot cheaper, which is a good thing, picking up a set of antique looking period furniture with a grand piano thrown in, for a good price, can make an ideal gift.

Click on the smaller images for full selection available.

Dolls House Furniture For Gifts

The Ideal Growing Gift

If a little girl you know has a Dolls House, then a little bit of extra furniture could be an excellent gift idea. If possible, find out what she has, then add to it, add a furniture set with a baby high chair, crib and changing station, a shower unit with double sinks are nice.

For the perfect dolls house, beds, bunk beds or a four poster bed, every Princess loves a four poster bed. Even the simplest thing like a small set of pots and pans can bring a big smile to her face, and she will play with them forever.

External Furniture

Dolls House Patio Furniture

There are many sets and individual pieces of garden furniture such as benches, swings, tables, chairs and parasols, all add to the ever expanding imaginary world of our little Princesses. Even a little car or horse and carriage may add a smile to that angelic face.

Job Lots


Job lots of dolls house furniture can offer a cheap alternative to fully furnishing a dolls home. Just buying one lot can allow a child to have a fully extended family instantly with all the trimmings.

This may be a suitable approach to a young child's first doll house. It would allow the parents to see if she is interested or not in the toy before spending out huge sums of money on exquisite furniture.


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