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Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Arishok

Updated on April 2, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Arishok

Dragon Age 2 Arishok
Dragon Age 2 Arishok

Dragon Age 2 Arishok

In dragon age 2 end of act 2, Hawke must solve the problem of the Arishok and the Qunari to restore order to the city of Kirkwall. Apparently, the Arishok has lost a book called the Tome of Koslun, stolen by none other than Isabella. At the end of dragon age 2 end of act 2, all hell breaks loose in Kirkwall as the Arishok declares war on Kirkwall, having had enough of all the dishonour the people of Kirkwall have shown. Hawke must battle his way from the Docks to the Viscount's Keep to confront the Arishok. Tactics and the right party to choose are discussed here.

Dragon Age 2 Defeating the Arishok

Upon entering the Keep, Hawke enters into a conversation with the Arishok, which culminates in Isabella entering the Keep with the tome of Koslun. She hands over the tome, and the Arishok says he will leave, together with the Qunari....... and Isabella. Of course, any righteous rpg player will want to protect Isabella and have a go at defeating the Arishok on a solo duel basis.

To defeat the Arishok in one to one battle, one must understand the tactics and moves that the Arishok has. The Arishok has the following combat moves. He can charge but only in a straight line. He has a dual weapon melee attack. He has a impale strike attack at very close range. He has 2 attempts at healing using healing potions. He is quite damage resistant.

To defeat the Arishok at the end of dragon age 2 act 2, one must understand the combat dynamics of the chamber where the fight between Hawke and the Arishok takes place. This battle is based on using Hawke as a mage with Petrify and Horror and Tempest, Also Hawke has lots of healing potions, elfroot potions, and tar smoke jars. The tar smoke jars are stun attacks which can be ordered from the Hawke estate. It can used to stun the Arishok for several seconds, and reduce his movement.

To win the battle against the Arishok, one has to be patient and repeat the following actions - stun the Arishok using Petrify or Horror. When the Arishok is stunned, cast Tempest, and then attack the Arishok with all damaging spells and staff. It may be useful to use the pillars as a base for defeating the Arishok, as the Arishok cannot reach Hawke through the pillar using his melee attack. When the Arishok is charging, just move left or right and this devastating attack will be avoided. Heal up or mana up when health or mana is low, but remember to be conservative and patient as this is a long repetitious fight with the Arishok.

Once the Arishok is defeated by Hawke, Hawke gets to keep Isabella (an option for romancing Isabella), and becomes the Champion of Kirkwall.


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