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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough, Part Eighteen: Brigand's Cavern

Updated on April 20, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

An Oasis plundered, an Oasis Emerald recovered, a bundle of cash earned. Jerald and Ramona are well on their way to earning 20,000 gold that they might escape Sandheim for good. There's still a lot of cash to go, though, and one of the jobs handed out by the Thieves' Guild will have them taking on their own kind…

Leave Sandheim and travel west to the coast, north of Jobport. In a small mountain range you'll find a cave. Enter it and you'll discover a hidden town, Brigand's Cavern, which has a lot to see and do.

Weapon and Armour Shops

West of the entrance are two obvious stores. Both offer goods somewhat above and beyond the things you'll find in town. Try not to spend too much of your prize money on 'em.


This large building is in the south of town. Aside from the brigands inside who will cheerfully greet you, rooms here will cost 50 gold.


East of the Inn you'll find a dirty toilet where you can save your game, of all things. Eh, whatever works.

Item Shop

The last two buildings in town look innocuous enough, but one houses an item shop. A few extra Herbs probably couldn't hurt.

Done looking around? Check the southeast corner of town. A set of stairs will lead you into the maze several people in Brigand's Cavern mentioned. Dungeon delving time! There are no random encounters down here, but there is an enemy:

  • Bitey Box. You'll come across these things occasionally while checking treasure chests. They're not very hard to beat. You can steal Herbs from Bitey Boxes, and each time you kill one you'll earn its in-battle cash value and a small, extra reward after the battle screen fades.

To the south of the entrance and across an eastern bridge is a stone with a hint on it… though not terribly helpful. Backtrack and continue south. Follow the paths to a four-way intersection. North of here is a Bitey Box you can beat up for 10 gold. South of the intersection, eventually, is a chest with a Wooden Chalice. East of the intersection is another intersection.

Go north here to find another Bitey Box. Beat it up for 20 gold. East of here is another island intersection; follow it south to yet another Bitey Box which yields up 30 gold when beaten. Further east from the previous island is a larger area with a small house…

…. with, uh, an enormous interior. There are things to be learned from the bookshelves, but that's about it. Go back outside and continue east. Head north at the first intersection as far as you can go to find a chest containing an Herb. Return to the previous intersection and head west. At the end of the bridges is a Broken Spyglass.

Return to the intersection to the right of the house. Go all the way south to find a Bitey Box. Kill it for 100 gold. Return to the intersection again and take the eastern route south to the southeast corner of the map to find a ladder. At the bottom is a long path across bridges and up and down ladders; follow it until you find another intersection.

The next waystone at the intersection advises you go south. Head north first to find a Bitey Box worth 10 gold, then take the southern bridge from the intersection. It will lead you to a ladder, as well as a continued path east. There's only 25 gold at the end, so don't bother. Use the ladder.

This path eventually leads to a small island with a north and a west bridge. The northern bridge leads to a fairly useless roundabout that will only get you lost for nothing. The western bridge leads to a new chamber filled with treasure chests, containing:

  • Busted Keys
  • Bandit treasure
  • Wooden Idol
  • Herb
  • Golden Sword
  • Antidote
  • 20 gold
  • 75 gold
  • 10 gold
  • 25 gold
  • 25 gold
  • Crappy Map
  • Broken Spyglass
  • Amateur Painting
  • Shoddy Toy
  • Wyvern Powder
  • Rope
  • Rope
  • Wooden Chalice

What a bunch of junk. Oh well. Take the ladder on the right side of the treasure stockpile and you'll wind up back at the small house, not far from the entrance to the maze. You can use the paths here to return to Bandit's Cavern, and, eventually, the surface. Take the garbage you scraped up and the secretary back at the Thieves' Guild will give you 5,000 gold for your work. Could be worse.

(You might also notice a familiar face in the Thieves' Guild when you return. That guy gets around.)


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