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Dragon Fantasy Book I Walkthrough: Trophy Guide

Updated on April 22, 2013
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.
Dragon Fantasy Book I is copyright Muteki Corporation. Images used for educational purposes only.

Dragon Fantasy Book I has a fair number of trophies for a game its size, and though a lot of them are straightforward finds this is not true of all of them. This guide will help you snag each of the trophies and earn one hundred percent completion.

Gold - The Fantastical Dragon

Intent on completing all three main chapters in Dragon Fantasy Book I? Then this should be an easy trophy to get, as it pops up once you've beaten the main game in its entirety.

Silver - Ogden's Story

If you have The Fantastical Dragon, you'll have Ogden's Story. Complete the first chapter to snag this trophy.

Silver - Anders' Story

Another simple one. Complete the second chapter.

Silver - Jerald's Story

Yep, you guessed it. Complete the third chapter.

Bronze - High-tech Weaponry

Woodsy is such a kind old fella that he'll hand over his Wooden Stick to Ogden when you first enter his cabin. You'll also get a trophy. Yay, first weapon of the game! Don't forget to equip the stupid thing!

Bronze - Well Educated

This one's a bit tougher. There are thirty different books spread throughout the towns of Ogden's chapter, and you need to read them all to get the trophy. Check every bookcase in every town you come across. If you don't have this trophy yet, Wyvern Powder or Warpios your way back to Ogden's previous haunts and have a second look. The inns and the churches are the most likely to have books to read.

Bronze - With a Little Help…

Technically, Anders can get through his chapter on his own. Why go to the trouble, though? You can recruit Punchy and Casty from Wester's recruitment office, and you'll find Serps in the Derwent inn. Make sure you don't recruit Serps immediately after leaving the sewer, though…

Bronze - Man of Shadows

… because you need him for this trophy as well. Visit the Northern Palace during Anders' chapter, making your way to the troll's room in the basement. You'll see a scene depicting how the troll got the Rusted Hero's Helmet in the first place. If Serps is in your party this won't trigger, so make sure you come here first!

Fund Raising

An easy enough one: have Jerald pickpocket people twenty-five times. You can use both Jobport and Sandheim to fulfil your quota.

Treasure Hunter

Inside the Bandit Cave there's a massive maze which eventually leads to a treasure room full of… junk. Yeah. Getting there will earn you a trophy, though, so it's worth the trek. (This article will get you there.)

Intermission M

Another simple trophy! Simply complete the final intermission chapter to get it.

Gotta Catch a Few

During Intermission M you'll gain control of Woodsy, and he'll be able to capture monsters and use them in his party. Capture four of them (you'll have to drop two off with Freyaheart in town to get the other two) for this final trophy. For the record, the first four you recruit will almost certainly not be among the monsters you use, as they'll be quite weak compared to later monsters in the cave. Loyalty should not be an issue!


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