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Dragon Quest IX: VUST - Armamentalist's Fource

Updated on December 15, 2010


VUST stands for Vocation Unique Skill Tree, and is a series of Dragon Quest IX articles I will be creating as time passes for each of the vocations. This is the ninth article of the series (we're nearing the finish line). In this article I will be talking about the Armamentalist's VUST, Fource.

Fource is probably the most unique skill tree in the game. You see, this skill tree is all about giving the aspiring Armamentalist different elemental attack types with his physical attack (Elemental Fources). In other words, every ability in this skill tree is a type of Fource that can be imbued into your weapon to deal additional damage to foes.

So, let's get this show on the road!

Fource Skill Tree Rundown

I am going to list the perks you get for leveling up this skill tree. The format will be:

Skill points required. Skill name here MP Cost (if applicable)


May the Fource be with you!


4. Fire Fource 3 MP

This is the first ability acquired on investing in the Fource and it sets the theme for what you'll be seeing every other perk of this skill tree: An ability that allows you to imbue your weapon with elemental energy. In this case, your weapon will deal additional fire damage to your foes. Foes that are made of ice or favor cold environments tend to be weak against fire, so this is a safe bet against them.

10. Natural Strength +10

So, the first stat boost being offered here is in tune with what the Armamentalist does best: Pound down enemies via physical attacks and the aid of Fource abilties. There's not much else to say. Stat boosts are good. If you've read any of my other VUST articles, then you already know this universal fact. ;)

16. Frost Fource 3 MP

Here's the second type of Fource you can unlock in this skill tree. This one imbues your weapon with the ability to do additional cold damage. This one works great against foes that are made of fire (ignore the fact that fire melts ice; think of it more like water beats fire. :P)

22. Natural Resilience +20

It's a stat boost! :P

A boost to Resilience directly translates into added defense. You'll be glad to have the defensive boost against the harder Legacy Bosses, and at 22 skill points, this is probably worth dipping into the skill tree for.

32. Gale Fource 3 MP

Here's another Fource for the Armamentalists in the crowd. This particular Fource imbues the power of wind into your physical attacks. This is probably a good idea to use against earth-based monsters such as those found in the Material family.

42. Natural Charm +10

It's another stat boost. Of course, this one disappoints me a bit. But, this is probably the one skill tree where one could care less about the stat boosts, as the ability to change up your physical attack element is the real reward here. Let's just move on quietly.

55. Funeral Fource 3 MP

With this Fource you can send your foes to their graves. Or not, depending who you attack. :P

As the name of this ability implies, this Fource imbues your weapon with the power of darkness. It's not a good idea to use this on demons or a larger portion of the game's bosses, to be honest. After all, a lot of them are resistant to darkness attacks.

68. Natural Magical Might +30

The second-to-last stat boost of the Fource is a 30 point boost to Magical Might. Now, this is utterly useless if you decide to not change vocations after making out this skill tree, given that Armamentalists have NO attack spells whatsoever (theirs is the realm of buffing and debuffing magicks). I have to wonder what in blazes Enix was thinking when they placed this here. :P

82. Life Fource 3 MP

The final Fource of this skill tree allows you to resu...

Wait, wrong skill tree. :P

This Fource allows you to imbue your weapons with the power of light, which makes this about as useful versus demons and most bosses as Funeral Fource is useless. I guess they saved the best for last. :)

100. Natural Maximum HP +30

The final perk of this skill tree is a rather lackluster 30 HP. I say lackluster because, well, check the Virtue VUST to see for yourself.

The only reason I could justify getting this boost is if you've already gotten all other possible HP boosts in the other VUSTs or if you've already gotten Life Fource (in that case, 18 more points for 30 HP isn't THAT bad).


So, that's all for this latest entry to my VUST series!

I'd like to do a little something extra for this VUST. Given that each boss has a different elemental resistance setup, I'd love to list what bosses are most affected by what Fource. If you'd like to see this as well, feel free to post your findings in the comments section. Even if you're not in that type of mood, you're still very much welcome to talk about the Armamentalist vocation in the comments section. :)

As mentioned in the Introduction, this is probably the most unique skill tree in the game due to the fact that all of your abilities have the same common goal. I personally recommend grabbing this skill tree and then changing to a Warrior or Gladiator to best leverage your added attack bonus, but it's your call. Do what you enjoy most. :D

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 4 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Hello there Lord of the Sword! :D

      Well thank you for the vote of confidence. However, this is basically my one and only account and I don't really play DQIX anymore. My current addiction is Etrian Odyssey Untold. :)

      Nice to see that you're still around though. :)

    • profile image

      Lord of the Sword 4 years ago

      Man, haven't posted for Winterfate in... well, for a LONG time...

      It's sad that this particular series on VUSTs had to end prematurely, as well as your pages on Dragon Quest in general. Do you have an account where you do walkthrough guides? I would like to watch and/or read you do Let's Plays. Like your style.

    • profile image

      drew 6 years ago

      And what about theif?

    • profile image

      drew 6 years ago

      when are you doing vust for martial artist,second MA form, second Minstrel form, and second Theif/Preist, the one that's not paladin?

    • profile image

      TGTASC 7 years ago

      I have found out that Elusid the grotto boss is week to Funeral Fource.