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Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Updated on February 22, 2016
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FunScavengerHunts is here to try ind bring people together with scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts.

Fancy dress can make an Easter scavenger hunt even more fun and creates some great photos!
Fancy dress can make an Easter scavenger hunt even more fun and creates some great photos! | Source

For millions of people, Easter is a special time of year. There are two sides to it to be considered. The first is that of the religious celebration, one that is meant to mark the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The second side is the traditional celebration, one that carries on festivities that have been long endeared to many children. And part of that traditional celebration is scavenger hunts.

You don’t need to be religious to enjoy Easter scavenger hunts. In fact, the symbols of Easter are far removed from churches and pews. Those symbols, as you have likely seen, are rabbits and eggs. And these icons just so happen to give us some wonderful scavenger hunt ideas.

At Home Boiled Egg Scavenger Hunts

A standby of Easter is the decoration of hard boiled eggs. There are plenty of ways to give them some flair. They can be painted, dyed, covered in stickers, or sprinkled with a dose of edible glitter. This activity in and of itself is fantastic for a young child. It allows them to explore their creative sides with no real fears of failure. There is no penalty if they do not create an egg to be particularly proud of, so it allows them to experiment with nearly zero consequence. The most you’ll lose is an egg or two.

That being said, supervise the creation of these eggs. It will obviously require heating water to its boiling point, and that is something that you should do for any of the younger children involved. It may go without saying, but it never hurts to keep their safety in mind.

Go through this process on the night before Easter. Make it a family ordeal and encourage cooperation between siblings. This will leave them with a warm and lasting memory of their time with you, as well as with their brothers and/or sisters. If you have an older child, give him or her some responsibility. Have him or her guide their younger siblings through the creative process. This will give your youngest children reason to look up to their older siblings.

After the eggs are boiled, decorated, and left to dry, you can then put your children to bed. As you do, if you so choose, you can give them reassurance that the eggs will be hidden by the Easter Bunny while they slumber. It will excite them for the following day and get them ready for the scavenger hunt. Some parents do not believe in telling their children about mythical figures in this manner, and that too is fine. If you belong to that school of thought then you can simply hide the eggs as a surprise, or offer your kids transparency and tell them of the scavenger hunt ahead of time.

After your children are asleep and the eggs are done drying, begin to place them strategically around your home. The complexity of your hiding places should depend on the age of your children. Clearly, older children will require better hiding places, whilst younger children will require more obvious locations.

If you have a multiple children, consider telling each child to give his or her eggs a theme. This way they can tell whose egg is whose more easily, and you can save yourself some potential arguments between siblings over who deserves a certain egg.

An Easter scavenger hunt with clues added in can be hard to match to the theme. If you have any decorations shaped like rabbits then you can make allusions to Peter Cotton-Tail and the Easter Bunny. If not, try to think outside of the box. Do you keep carrots around? Incorporate them, mentioning “a rabbit’s favorite snack” somewhere in the clues. Think along these lines while trying to create the clues.

Lastly, when dealing with boiled eggs, be absolutely sure that you count them before hiding them. Make a note somewhere of the location of each egg. And when the children are done go back through and count their eggs. If you are a few eggs short, then you’re going to want to find out where the missing eggs are. A boiled egg left to sit in your home for any extended period of time will start to give off an awful scent. No one wants to put up with that, especially when you aren’t sure of where the scent is coming from. So be extra careful to follow this step.

After all is said and done, you and your children can happily break the eggs open and eat them. Though, some people are not big fans of boiled eggs. In that case, try…

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Plastic Egg Scavenger Hunts

Not everyone eats boiled eggs. Some people are allergic, some are vegetarians or vegans, and some simply dislike the taste. That is just fine. No one has to miss out on the Easter fun. In place of the boiled eggs in the above entry, use plastic eggs. These can be purchased at many stores and can potentially be reused, saving you money in the long run.Everything remains about the same. If you still want a reward for your children at the end, consider purchasing the variety of plastic egg that comes apart to be filled with a goody of your choosing. This can be anything from money to candy. So you may very well still get to eat a tasty treat at the end.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts

If you want a bigger playfield and an opportunity to socialize your children, consider organizing a neighborhood wide scavenger hunt. Talk to the parents of your kids’ friends and put a plan together. Make sure you have enough people to properly supervise and distribute the eggs evenly across the area. Set clear boundaries for your kids at the start. If you want to have extra safety, put them into groups and assign a parent to each for direct supervision.And, if you wish to add an extra incentive, you may want to turn it into a friendly competition. The winning team might receive a bag of candy to divide amongst themselves, or some pocket money for later. The only limit here on a lot of these variables is your own imagination, so put some time into making sure you give your child the best Easter scavenger hunt that they’ll ever have.


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