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Educational Children's Scavenger Hunts

Updated on February 7, 2015
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FunScavengerHunts is here to try ind bring people together with scavenger hunts and photo scavenger hunts ...



Step One: Choose a Location

For children, you’re going to want to pick somewhere where you can keep a close eye on them. A good place would be a park or perhaps a single store. Of course, there will be chaperons, but you just want to make sure everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Step Two: Invitations!

Now, you’ll want to begin inviting your hunters. You can do this any way you want. A lot of people prefer email invitations, but paper ones are great, too. For children, it’s a good idea is to get their parents involved too so you can better communicate with them!

For parents, you want to make sure you let them know if they are invited to do the hunt as well, or if they are just dropping their children off. You don’t want an awkward situation to ensue when you expect one situation and all the parents expect a different one.

Also, please add a designated drop off/pick up time for the parents!

Step Three: Parent Volunteers

You’ll want to recruit parent volunteers to be chaperons on the scavenger hunt. Each group of children should have a chaperon for safety reasons. Depending on the size of your hunt, you can maybe have one parent to 2-5 children. For this, you’ll just have to judge it by how many people you end up having.

Step Four: Keep Their Interest!

With kids, you want to make sure you find varying ways to keep their attention! Children are well-known for their lack of a long attention span, so make sure things are very interesting for them!

Step Five: Make the scavenger list! (And check it twice.)

**Before you start your list, make sure whatever you decided does not get the participants in way of any danger or trouble!**

Now that that is out of the way, feel free to let your mind wander on what you want on your hunt. I am going to list example scavenger hunts, but of course you can cater it to your own needs.


Outdoor Children’s Scavenger Hunt List

This one is a great one for kids because it includes the use of their senses and allows them to collect beautiful pieces of nature! It will keep their attention for the whole trip!

Location: Camping site, forest, etc.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bag (Ziploc is fine) to hold scavenger items
  • Piece of Paper and pencil or pen


Collect the following items:

  • Wild flowers
  • Dead plant
  • Moss
  • Plant seed
  • Smooth or shiny rock
  • Small piece of trash
  • Unusual shaped leaf
  • Small pebble
  • Leaf with insect bites in it

Draw the following items:

  • An animal track you found
  • An insect you saw
  • A stream or body of water you encountered

Listen to:

  • Leaves under your feet
  • Insect noises
  • Chirping birds
  • Water running in a small stream/creek


  • Tree bark
  • Wet mud
  • Rotten wood
  • Rough rocks
  • Smooth rocks


  • Flower
  • Green grass
  • The fresh air
  • Different types of trees


  • Bugs flying around
  • Birds sitting in trees
  • Animal trails
  • Eating animals
  • Spider web

Children’s Town Scavenger Hunt

For this one, children will be people watching, essentially. They will have to find different people with different characteristics and cross them off on a list!


  • Someone with a red shirt
  • A man with his child
  • Someone reading a book
  • A woman walking a dog
  • Somebody wearing something pink
  • Somebody talking on the phone
  • Somebody who is bald
  • Somebody wearing a hat
  • A woman holding a baby
  • A man wearing shorts
  • A family with three children
  • Someone wearing flip flops
  • Someone with a mustache
  • Someone with just a beard (no mustache)
  • Someone with really long hair
  • A person wearing sunglasses
  • Two people having a conversation with each other

Children’s Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

If you have a long car ride in your future, this hunt may be for you and your kids. Give your children this list and have them spend their time happily finding everything on the list. They won’t be asking “Are we there yet?” nearly as much as last trip! J


The City

  • Red traffic light
  • Honking car
  • A taxi
  • A flashing store sign
  • Scaffolding (Or a building under construction)
  • License plate with the letter “Z” on it
  • Somebody with a brightly colored scarf on
  • Somebody talking on the cell phone
  • A bus picking up passengers
  • A sign in a foreign language
  • Someone walking a dog


  • A small food store
  • A public school
  • A private school
  • Somebody riding a bike
  • A police car
  • A park
  • A pickup truck
  • A minivan
  • A church
  • Townhouses
  • A diner/restaurant


  • Lake or pond
  • Cows
  • Horses
  • A dirt road
  • A tractor
  • A farm
  • A gas station
  • A small store
  • A deer
  • A squirrel
  • A silo
  • Acres of land

Children’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

Let your children dabble in the art of photography! Use this scavenger hunt to get them into using different perspectives to find things, or just let them take some awesome pictures! This can be done inside or outside, but some items just require stepping outside for a second if you are planning an entirely indoor scavenger hunt (feel free to omit items as necessary)

What You’ll Need:

  • Camera (digital, disposable or phone cameras are all great)


  • Something green
  • Something brown
  • A person making a funny face
  • A round item
  • A shiny object
  • Something made of glass or that contains glass
  • Something tasty
  • Something you can sit on
  • The inside of a refrigerator
  • A reflection of yourself
  • A plant
  • An unusual object
  • A painting
  • An animal
  • A family member or friend (with permission)
  • A staircase
  • Something gold
  • Something silver
  • A plate of food


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