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"Escape The Ship of Doom" Walkthrough

Updated on July 9, 2010

Escape the Ship of Doom Online Game Walkthrough


In the online point and click adventure game Escape the Ship of Doom you are once again captured by the mysterious Dr. Minstrel. This time he has locked you in his water fortress. You must use all of your nautical skills to get you through this one.


Mouse - The mouse is the only control you will need in this excellent online game. Use it to point and click your way to safety.

Escape The Ship of Doom Walkthrough

Your start this awesome adventure game reading a letter from doctor Minstrel. Once done reading, Pick up the pair of flippers on the floor and notice the picture opens. When you open the picture it reveals a safe lock with directions as the numbers.

There is a leak in the boat that you need to patch as soon as possible so we will do that first. Go right three times until you see the bed with a picture above it. Click the picture to pick up the bottle opener that is holding it up. Next click the bottom left corner of the bed to lift it up and reveal a screwdriver.

Go right again to see the leak that is quickly filling the boat. Click on the silver box in the middle of the room to look at it closer. Use your screwdriver on one of the four corner screws to open the box. Inside is a bottle with a cork in it. Pick up the bottle and use it with the bottle opener to take the cork out. Back up and drag the cork to the leak to close it up.

Next in this online game, go right one time and pick up the sextant(weird artifact on the right of the desk). You can also click the drawers in the bottom left of this screen to look at them closers. Click the middle drawer to open it up and reveal a journal.

When reading the journal you will notice that each direction is written in bolder text than the rest of the document. They are written in the order North, East, West, South. Travel back to the very first screen and use this newly acquired code on the safe, it will open to reveal a key.

Next in this online adventure game, you need to go right two screens to the large scale. There are seven weights in the bottom left of the screen that you can use to bring up a net of objects. You must place the perfect amount of weight on the scale in order to bring the net up to a height in which you can reach it.

The top four weights are labeled: 20lbs, 5lbs, 3lbs, 1lb and the bottom two are: 9lbs, and 8lbs.

It takes 15lbs to bring the cage up to the right height so put the 9lb, 1lb, and 5lb weights on the scale and pull the lever. Pick up the swim trunks and the fishing pole and then go left three times.

When you click the fishing pole it turns into a crank that can be used to lower the chest on this screen down to the ground. Lower the chest and use the key to unlock it. The chest contains a blow torch and one of the babies from the Escape The Toy Factory Online point and click adventure game that can also be found on

Pick up the blow torch. When you try to use it you realize that it is locked with a keypad combination lock. Click the arrow at the top of the screen to look at the consolation number grid drawn on the ceiling of the boat. 

Each consolation corresponds to a particular number. The code is found by looking at the sextant that you picked up earlier and matching each picture to it's number, starting with the bottom left picture on the sextant(the crab=4, etc).

The code will come out as follows: 4-1-7-9-5-8

Use it on the blowtorch and then use the blowtorch on the hole in the wall on the cannon screen. Click the swim trunks and the flippers to put them on and then click the hole to escape from the floating deathtrap.

You have now finished this awesome online point and click game but as you can see from the ending, it is far from over. This game is only the beginning.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thanks so much! really helped. btw have they released the continuation game to this one yet?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      the cork isn't working when I try closing the hole. Are you sure it's the cork?!

    • profile image

      mary katherine 

      8 years ago

      thanks so much!!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thx so much

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thx for the help=)


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