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Escape the Working Room Walkthrough

Updated on June 7, 2012

Escape the Working Room Walkthrough

Escape the working room is a cool new online point and click game from Addicting Games. This will be a wonderful game for you. But it is tough and you will need all your skills to Escape The Working Room. Like all escape games, this one also have secrets. You are locked in a working room and you try to escape from there by finding and using items with clues. It will be frustrating, intriguing and hard for you if you can't find them. If you are already playing the game and feel frustrated and devastated that you can not find how to escape the room the accompanying Escape the Working Room Walkthrough video will help you to overcome that harrowing feeling of being trapped. The hints, tips and cheats for the game is given below.

Escape the working room

Escape from the working room
Escape from the working room

1. Take the screwdriver from the VCR rack, in the first scene with the cats' picture.

2. Turn right and click on the panel on the lower right of the door.

3. Use the screwdriver to open it, and take the mysterious looking box.

4. Use the magnifier on this box, click it again.

5. Use the mouse pointer to trace the way from green button to the red button. It will open and take the blue swan with numbers 2 and 6 on its wings.

6. Turn right again to see a laptop over a table.

7. Find the key and take it.

8. Use the key on the same table.

9. The lowest drawer contains a red plane with the numbers 9 and 1 on its wings. To open the drawer, use the key beside the laptop.

10. Turn right and click on the lowest rack on the bookshelf

11. Click on the green book to take it. It will have number 54 on the cover.

12. Those numbers are the clues. The combined number 196254 is the password for the hidden vault on the picture of the cat.

13. Click on the nose of the cat to see the vault.

14. Enter 192654 to open it and take the binoculars.

15. Use this binoculars on the window to find the wall with some kind of noughts and crosses marks.

15. Find the five noughts (circles). Go to the picture frame above the laptop, and click on where the 5 circles are. This will reveal the master key.

16. Use it to open the door.

Well Done! You have successfully Escaped the Working Room.


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      Lise 8 years ago

      Um its 196254 not 192654 thanks tho