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Mercenaries 2 Cheats, Hints, Achievements And Walkthroughs

Updated on June 20, 2012
Mercenaries 2
Mercenaries 2

Mercenaries 2 The World In Flames

Its war time again. In wars its thought that its fair to cheat to win too. Mercenaries 2 : The World in Flames will take you to a war torn world where you will be a mercenary looking forward to gain from the chaos. This highly explosive game is set in Venezuela and will give good work for your brains. Mercenaries 2 features all the latest gadgets and high-tech military and civilian stuff to grapple with. You are the mercenary. You set your own code of conduct. Just fulfill the terms on your contract. Cheat if you have to. As with every game released, Mercenaries 2 Cheats are also on the way!

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Mercenaries 2 Cheats, Hints, and Unlockables

Unlockable : Extra Costumes

You need extra costumes. To get them, complete level 3 bets at the PMC Villa with your friends. To get the best results bet maximum cash in the first two levels of the challenge. To make sure that you win, manually save the game and reload. Bet the least amount of money in the 3rd level. You have to be perfect to at this level to beat a challenge.

Spare Parts Unlockables

Get the spare parts for Eva, located in many parts of Venezuela, to unlock Achievements in Xbox 36. They are the orange boxes in the map.

Angreifer: 30 parts

Blackheart: 40 parts

Bogden Buggy: 60 parts

Scorcher: 50 parts

The Norse Wind: 20 parts

Triton Patrol Boat: 80 parts

Urban Commando: 100 parts

Vulcan 4x4: 70 parts

Hint : 100% Completion

Make sure that you finish all outpost missions before you go for the final story mission, that is Battle for Caracas / A.N. or China. Once the game is cleared, you can't start outpost missions again, which unlocks a faction's shop items.

Mercenaries 2 Walkthrough Part 1

Mercenaries 2 Hints For PS 3 And Xbox 360

Melee Bash:

If at all anything is hindering your way, let it be vehicles or any other objects, just melee bash it away.

Make Cash From Hostiles:

Hostile units drop cash and weapons when you kill them.

Some Other Hints

  • Use the handbrake to quickly slide and turn if you are using a fast vehicle.
  • With a helicopter pilot at the PMC you can extract fuel, ammunitions and cash bundles. But if those items belong to a faction, make sure they don't see you do it.
  • Add a mechanic to your PMC. And you can unlock and purchase vehicles directly. Some of these vehicles carry features which can only made available through the mechanic.

  • Find more spare parts and the mechanic can build special vehicles.

  • Recruit a jet pilot. Now you can make as many air stike as you want.
  • Capture High Value Targetsalive to double your cash.
  • Scour the world. Gather cash bundles, fuel tanks, ammunitions etc to use in your operations.

  • Don't hurt civilians. You lose money.

  • Use C4, RPG and anti-tank rockets if you can't inflict much damage on your targets.
  • Meet as many factions as possible, so that you can explore more areas of the map.

Mercenaries 2 Walkthrough Part 2

Mercenaries 2 Walkthrough Part 3

Mercenaries 2 Achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock achievements and get the scores mentioned.

Beat the Winching Challenge three times - 20 points - Balls to the Wall

Complete one of Fiona's challenges - 20 points - Gone Shootin'

Capture all outposts for a single faction - 20 points - Pipeline

Complete three different races - 10 points - Highway to Hell

Come in first during a co-op race - 50 points - Wheels of Steel

Destroy 50 objects using melee - 20 points - Hail and Kill

Destroy 200 objects from the gunner seat in co-op - 50 points - Nothin' But a Good Time

Destroy 20 buildings - 20 points - Armaggedon It

Destroy 50 objects with a grenade - 20 points - Holy Smoke

Destroy 50 objects with an RPG launcher - 20 points - Little Savage

Earn $1 million - 25 points - Tattooed Millionaire

Earn $1 billion - 25 points - Billion Dollar Babies

Get 25 headshots - 20 points - Shoot to Thrill

Make all factions hostile - 10 points - No More Mr. Nice Guy

Play co-op with a friend - 50 points - Partners in Crime

Play with someone who already has this Achievement(Everybody Wants Some) or a Mercenaries 2 developer - 50 points

Successfully complete 10 action hijacks - 10 points - Heavy Metal Thunder

Snipe 50 enemy vehicle drivers - 10 points - Be Quick or Be Dead

Try accelerating and braking at the same time - 10 points - Eat the Heat

Use 20 airstrikes in co-op - 50 points - Damage, Inc.

Unlock all shop items - 20 points - Digital Man

Unlock all landing zones - 50 points - We'll Burn the Sky

Verify all high value targets - 50 points - And Justice For All

More hints, cheats and unlockables will be added sometime later. So bookmark this page and comeback later to get the latest. In the meanwhile check out Guitar Hero 3, and Far Cry 2 Cheats if you are an avid follower of these games.


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    • profile image

      nick 5 years ago

      hey guys i have a question if solano nukes the place or if the bridge is destroyed will it remain like that for the rest of the game? or will it come back to normal? or its there a way to stop the nuke? o and if something gets destroyed does it comes back to normal or will ever stay destroyed?

    • profile image

      Bubble but 5 years ago

      1 mil is soooooooo easy. Code is right down left up up left down right

    • profile image

      supra 5 years ago

      its that cheats

    • profile image

      sahil 5 years ago

      how to attack wen u gripple the helicopter which key to use

    • profile image

      matias_rich 5 years ago

      Does anyone know if it is still possible to platinum this game. I have heard a rumour you can't do the co-op trophies anymore.

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