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Evony Defending 101

Updated on December 29, 2010

Defending 101

Always remember it is easier to defend then it is to attack. a smart player will allow his enemy to keep coming after him and little by little kill his troops off so you can move in to finish him off.

first thing to know when defending is to make sure your gates are open. if they are closed your troops will not fight.

scouts are your first line of defense. if an enemy can't get a scout report on you they r 10 times less likely to attack you. a good number of scouts to keep in your city at all times is 1.5 mil i recommend much higher as these number will hold off the enemys scouts but will leave you short on scouts to try to get a scout report of your own. my personal recommendation is no less then 5 mil scouts. this will give you plenty to fend them off and plenty to scout them back.

your troops are a vital asset. there is a reason they have all the branchs. even the lowly works help.the following are built to of each branch of troops i highly recommend. don't worry or be discouraged about feeding and supporting large armies. your troops wont be dismissed if you can't feed them. i have other guides talkin in detail on how to maintain large numbers with little effort.

1 mil work

10 mil war

15 mil scouts

1 mil pike

1 mil sword

5 mil archers

5 mil cav

3 mil phract

150k trans

1 mil bals

500k ram

500k pults

now keep in mind evony is a game of patience and will require long time to build any troops but if you keep at it and follow my guides you will be able to support these troops with no farming and no headache.

if an enemy is scout bombing you, an easy to to defend against is is to close your gates right before the wave hits. his 100k scouts will splat against your at's and take out maybe 2k. then immediately reopen your gates so other powerful troops don't hit your city bare. as they will lower your loy of your city and scout bombs will not. if your finding that your running low on at's then leave your gates open.

remember to also keep rebuilding your traps and abatis and logs and trebs as they take them out.

a solid wall defense is as follows

2001 traps

2k abatis

10333 at's

2k logs

2k trebs

this will give you plenty of power in your city to support your defense.

if at anytime your find and feel that your going to lose then i highly recommend closing your gates. it is better to live to fight another day then lose everything and have to rebuild all over again. not to mention you will lose less troops from draft then if you were to lose everything all at once. not only that is will make your enemy really mad that he can't kill your troops and they are right there.lmfao

if your being drafted pay attention to time and day and make sure to move your troops out of the city duriong that time to ensure their safety.

always remember that your cav and phract will rush out first and second to fight so you will wanna make sure you have plenty of them and plenty in que in your barracks to keep the enemy at bay.

if your alliance is at war and your under attack chances are they have and are defending off attacks as well. so its not always a good idea to call for reinforcements. as it will take away their armies and weaken them also. its always better to have members in your alliance with troops then have all the big players defending the small players as the enemy is hoping for this so it will weaken the bigger players and make them and easier target. so when being attacked consider your teammates and don't drag don't their troops to defend you if you have lost all yours. they can't afford to be your army. they must be able to defend their cities as well.

i strongly feel that every player in the game of evony should learn first how to play from a colonzied position. this will teach and make them a by far supierior player in the long run. because eveony is a game of patience and time. and in order to be truly successful in evony you must be in it to win it and be ready to playin for a long period of time. this is not a game your going to sit down and master in a week and or a month and think you can be great or even good. it takes months for players to amass armies and be well defended in evony. so unless your planning on playing for 6 months or more don't waste your time and don't waste the other players troops and time helping you if your not going to stick around.

i hope everyone who reads this finds that it will guide them step by step into becoming great evony players and will make them an asset to themselves and to their alliance.

please remember to vote up the hub as it will allow me to continue to write great guides for everyone to follow. thank you all for reading



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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      that comes to 586,500,000 food per hour or being able to sack and loot and bring back 31 lvl 10 npcs at full every hour. good luck

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I've long suggested that people seeking to gett a good understanding of this speciific topic spread their research acrooss many blogs ekcgeecagkge

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      And it is on Age 1

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My name is Wolfie on server 182 and if u can mail me to help me kill the guys thanks

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Yep, but the thing is I am being hit, and am being quadriple teamed meaning 4 to 1 on server 182 I am only 230k the guys hitting are 600k and 300k and 135k, plus one who is 1 mill

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Who in their right mind would spend enough time to build:

      1m Ballis

      500k pults and rams.

      Not a very helpful guide tbh.


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