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Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia Berserker WalkThrough Chapter 3: Berserker's Tears

Updated on October 25, 2011

Start of the Chapter 3: Berserker's Tears

Kiron is quite a important hero for the vardonia and the Imperial Commander asks him to meet the stronghold Guard at Borderland, which Kiron should go W-N-W-N-W-W-W-N-W-W-N-W, the guard will let Kiron to use the portal so he does not need to go all the way any more.

Therefore the next quest is to find the power for the portal which needs 10 Magic Portal Stone from Prairie Plain 1, Kiron needs to go W-N-N, kill the knights there to get the stone. Now use the Portal go back to see the Imperial commander.

Next Quest needs Kiron to give Orphan boy a Big HP Potion and then give the Girl from Home Farm 8 Green Scorpion Claw which can be found in the Prairie Plain 1,2,3, so we use the portal first, and then go W-N-N to the Plain 1. When Kiron gets back to the village, somebody tells him that the orphan boy got kidnapped and Kiron needs to rescue him from Dungeon Cave 7, Kiron uses the portal first and goes S-S-S-W-W-S-S-W-W-W-S-W-N, find the slaver to rescue the boy. At this map Kiron kills 10 Blue Dwarf Golem to summon the Boss Creton, defeats him to get the magic item from the box.

Go back to the Village and at the gate of the village the Imperial Commander asks Kiron to kill 10 Arkanian Intelligence Officers and 20 Arkanian Outpost officers at the same map before he can set the young slaver free.

After that the Great Wizard Kieross needs Kiron to find him the Purified Book of Truth from an Abylonian priestess which is located in the Fields of Ruin 1, it is quite a long way, in order to get there Kiron needs to use the Portal first, then goes W-W-N-W-W-N-N-N, after kills 5 head priestesses, the boss will come out and Kiron will get the book by defeating her.

In order to thank the Kiron for the book ,the wizard calls the souls of Kiron's family back to the real world, so all three get reunion again. But Kieross suddenly summons some fireballs and disappears with Kiron's wife and daughter. Now Kiron needs to go to Hurres to catch the Wizard.

And now we have finished the Chapter 3: Berserker's Tears of the Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia,and the next is the Chapter 4: Berserker's Rebirth.


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    • profile image

      joe 5 years ago

      im level 99 beserker and i beat the game. There are 6 quests which are all repeats. There are no new quests but there still are areas which are locked. Has anyone been at this point and can anyone help?

    • profile image

      jimms 5 years ago

      possibility to get to Herrus also in Chapter 3?

      when i ask the trader, i can only see the item shop :/

    • profile image

      teeteesknees 6 years ago

      After doing the scorpion mission for the young skank the boy is indeed snatched up by the chink. But, the Dungeon cave area is still locked.