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Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia Berserker WalkThrough Chapter 4: Berserker's Rebirth

Updated on October 25, 2011

In Herrusian Coasta Village, the Chief Urdle lets Kiron meet the Shaman of Herrus in the same map, but the shaman would not tell Kiron where the Wizard is directly, Kiron needs to ask Kira and get the design for a fortunetelling tool.

To make a Fortune-Telling Tool, we need 10 Golden Scorpion Sting and 5 Black Snake Skin and 2 Big MP Potion, they can be get just out of the village.

After that the Chief Urdle asks Kiron to defeat 5 Surranian minion and 1 Chief Surranian Shaman, which is also in the map Jungle 1, so just go W to the destination.

Then Himba asks Kiron to get 15 Herrusian Scripture back for him, they can be get at Jungle 7, so now Kiron can travel a little bit far. The direction to Jungle 7 is W-W-W, kill a lot of the enemies to get enough scripture and give it to Shaman Kornus.

Now Kiron needs to go to Jungle 8 to kill 5 Surranian Shaman and their Chief, goes W-N-W-W to kill the chief. There Kiron knows that the Wizard is going to release the ancient god.

In order to know more, Kiron needs to meet the Imperial Commander at Forest of Gods 8, so uses the portal to jungle 8 first, and then goes W-W-W-W to see the commander. The next Quest to Kiron is to kill 10 Arkannian Infantry Officer and 10 Abylonian Cavalry Knights.they are in the same map, so juest start killing.

After clear the area the Kieross suddenly appears and kills everyone includes the Commander.

Kiron checks the Alter after Kieross gone, and need to go back to seethe Chief Urdle to find out the key of Rage.

Now Kiron needs to find the Paladin Jasen to get more informations, Jasen is in the Forest of Gods, so just searches there. Use the portal back to the Forest of Gods 8, and finally Kiron finds Jasen at Forest of Gods 6.

And Jasen is having trouble withe the Bouldens, he needs Kiron to kill 10 Bouldens and 10 Boulden Archers for him. Saved Jasen and Kiron gets to know that the Guardian Harpy has some more information, Now Kiron needs to kill 5 Herrusian Eagle and the Guradian Harpy then goes back to the Chief Urdle. The Guardian Harpy is in the Forest of Gods 10, Kiron just needs to go W-W, kill the Guard Harpy and Kiron now confirms that the Kieross really want to bring back the ancient gods.

Chief Urdle sends Kiron to meet the Mage Galen in Ancient City 4.Kiron Starts going at Forest of Gods 9, so just goes N-W-N-W, The Mage Galen there lets Kiron kill 10 Red Ancient Warrior Gnoll and 10 Dark Ancient Warrior Gnolls.The targets are just in the map beside, so Kiron only needs to go W to kill them.

Next thing Kiron needs to do is to kill 5 Herrusian Bat and the Guardian Vampire in Ancient City 6, we just go W-S-S to get there.

Now Kiron can go and meet Kieross in Ancient City 10, it is just beside the Ancient City 6, so Kiron only needs to go W.

And meet Kieross is the end of the Chapter 4: Berserker's Rebirth, and now Kiron will go to the next Chapter of Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia Chapter 5: Sacred Warriors.


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