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Explore New Worlds: Survival Games for this Summer

Updated on July 29, 2019
Melinda Dawson profile image

Melinda is a single mother of two children with a passion for writing. She is a self-published Amazon author, and she works part-time.

I am a huge fan of open map games and an even bigger fan of survival. So, when I got my hands on these three games I was pretty darn excited to start exploring. Each of these games can be played both online with friends or alone if desired. Though I prefer the company of friends when I'm traveling these extremely detailed worlds. These three games caught my attention each for their own unique reasons.

In the world of survival games you have to be aware of your surroundings, make sure don't go hungry, stay hydrated, and build yourself shelter. I'm going to count them down for you and explain why each one stood out to me.

3. Ark: Survival Evolved

The game begins with you waking stranded on the beach of a mysterious island. You're left to use your cunning to kill or tame the primal creatures of this land. While roaming you can met up with new players and play along side them.

For me this comes in third because it was a rather hard game to play when alone. Though extremely fun to play the game is designed, it seems, to beat your character at every turn you make. Now, that could have just been me. In this game you really have to know when you have a chance and when you don't have one at all. The raptors are probably the hardest part of the game and they are almost impossible to run from.

If you think jumping into the water is safe that's a whole new story of terror just waiting to be told. The creators of this game made sure that you not only had to survive the dangers of the beasts on land but in the water as well.

All that aside, the visual of the world its self are rather stunning, and if you can survive the rigorous life among dinosaurs than you could have a real blast playing it. I know I did for the two hours that I got hooked doing so till that raptor tore me to pieces three times over. The colors are vibrant and everything pops to life with a beauty that is just amazing for a world so outrageously dangerous. It takes a bit getting used to when it comes to the building schematics, but once you get that down pack it's all pretty simple from there.

Again, this is only my opinion. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would love this game to death. I know a few people who haven't stopped playing it.

2. The Forest

Crash landing on a remote and heavily forested peninsula, it is your job to find your lost son Timmy after he has been kidnapped by cannibalistic mutants. As you play thrpugh the game you discover many disturbing truths on the path toward finding your son. This game can be played alone, but due to it making me so very nervous I like to play it with a group. It allows you to play in a group setting of four people.

The environment of this game can go from really beautiful to very creepy super quickly which sets the mood for this game. It keeps you moving through the scenes nervously and on edge. From forests to dark caverns filled with monsters just waiting to eat you, you will feel the depth of the need for survival when playing this game.

The coolest part of this game, in my opinion, is the fact that the AI, or mutant cannibals, literally watch you as you play. While building a safe house in the forest, my group and I were being watched by two of the mutants from the shore line. We chased them away and they willingly left to our surprise. However, they later returned with more of their own. They learn and adapt to what you are doing. They will run when they feel threatened or know they are out numbered then return with more to destroy your progress. There are also several different kinds of mutants roaming the forest with danger levels that vary.

Another cool feature of this game is the ability to build forts and just awesome designs. My group and I were able to build a boat house that took us around the map which helped us greatly. It's a really fun game with some awesome scary elements. I really recommend it to those who are looking for a cool survival challenge.

1. Conan Exiles

Set in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian, this game is an open world survival with a visually stunning landscapes. You play as an exile that has been forced to live out the remainder of your life behind the border of a mysterious green wall of death. All manner of savages and beasts dwell here in these lands with you, and you must fight to survive.

Servers usually hold anywhere between 20 to 40 players which is a good amount of people to just kick back and play with. The game can be played on three different settings: PVP(Player vs Player), PVE-Conflict(Player vs Environment with select hours of PVP), or just PVE (Player vs Environment).

I've enjoyed playing the PVE which has allowed me to explore the whole map without having to worry about the dangers of other players running up and killing me then stealing everything I've worked hard for. If you enjoy the challenge then by all means go for the PVP. The map provides a multitude of beautiful areas from deserts to lush jungles filled with massive trees that cover the skies. Each area has its own dangers and treasures to behold.

If you are a builder then settle in any chosen region and build your heart away. You can collect from the land and use the resources to build small houses to huge castles. So long as the land is not claimed by another person or clan then you can build where ever you please. You can then furnish your house with furniture to make it look amazing. The game also allows you to create awesome armors along with weapons for yourself and your teammates.

For the adventurer in you the map has plenty of place to visit. Team up with your friends and explore the realm, hunt beasts, or fight the savages. It is an amazingly entertaining game full of hours of fun.

So, those are the three survival games that I would suggest trying out. Each are fun in their own right. Pick the one that best suits you and have a blast.


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