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Facebook and Zynga Poker bot, Do they exist?

Updated on November 1, 2012
Don't download Zynga Poker Bots, you might compromise your Facebook account
Don't download Zynga Poker Bots, you might compromise your Facebook account


Have you ever used a Zynga Poker Bot?

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What are the poker bots?

Are you seeking for a Zynga poker bot? Many people are, you can notice they are largely advertised all over the web and also in the Poker tables via messages players post in the chat section. Do they really exist? Yes, they exist and there are thousands of them playing at any time of the day, they have been there since the beginning! The are spread from real casinos to the Zynga Poker application in Facebook. As mentioned before, there are tons of them advertised through the web, via Youtube videos, torrents, websites, advertisements, etc. with testimonials claiming they have developed a winning bot, but is this truth?

Of course not, who will give away a winning bot? A bot who would win you $ in a real casino? It's like giving away the chicken with the golden eggs, all this pseudo winning bots are playing bots that will for sure compromise your computer by infecting it with a virus, troyan or a keylogger so a possible attacker can get valuable information from your pc, such as credit cards information, ID information for misuse or your Facebook login information, most times they will aim for your Facebook login credentials since they want to take out your Zynga Poker Chips and resell them in the black market (Yes, they are play money chips, but they have an explicit value in the black underground Zynga market).

Do they really play in Zynga poker?

Yes they don't play only in the real casinos, since Zynga chips have actually a value for people this programmers aim to produce their own chips, so many have migrated from online real casinos to Facebook poker to gain actual money there. Many people actually fear them, but rather than that you should be happy they play, they actually are easy to beat, most of them don't have a complex game-play logic and are quite predictable, so you are playing against a predictable and readable player, which you can take into your advantage.

Some tips to win a Zynga poker bot are:

  • Don't tilt, maintain yourself calm and wait for the right moment to take out this Poker bot, they will mostly play only quality hands and they will continue playing when they are strong, so be sure you are reading them properly and outplay them
  • Sit to the left of a poker bot, always have position in them, since they are quite aggressive when they have a good hand is better to have them to your right and make them have action first.
  • Never call a preflop all in from a bot if you have bad cards, they will mostly always have AA or KK when they go all in preflop or are super aggressive
  • Bluff them constantly if you have position, since they calculate always a real profitable call action against many situations, a good bluff will make them fold if they have no or a weak hand, you should raise a good % of the pot, since a small percentage won't make them fold since the expected value of their card to hit will still be profitable
  • If the bot is constantly raising in the flop and turn and you have a weak hand, better fold they probably have a good hand or the nuts

Don't fear Zynga Poker Bots, they are easy targets if you are patient and you analyze their game play, just outsmart them and you will have more profits if you spot them and take them down.

If you have used a Facebook Poker Bot before, Did it win you chips?

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