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Fallout New Vegas History

Updated on June 5, 2011
Wecome to New Vages. Please Enjoy Your stay
Wecome to New Vages. Please Enjoy Your stay


This is compiled from the collector edition Fallout New Vegas Strategy Guide.


2077: October 23. The Great War

2138: Mr. House Regains Consciousness

2196: Tandi (Aradesh’s daughter) is unanimously elected President by the NCR council. Her popularity is to prove enduring: she will continue to serve in office until her death in 2248, at the age of 103

2161: Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game begins

2226: The boy who would become Caesar is born.

2231: Unable to care for him, the boy’s father abandons him to the care of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

2231-2246: The boy is raised as a scribe of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

2242: Fallout 2 Begins

2242-2243: The Events of Fallout 2 take place.

2246: The boy, now a young man, sets out to explore the wastes as part of a nine-person expedition. He unearths a cache of literature about ancient Roman Empire and encounters the historical figure of Caesar.

2247: Inspired by his reading and the freedom offered by the wastes to write his own future, the young man conspires with a tribe to murder the other eight members of the expedition. He declares himself Caesar. Within a week, he is leading the tribe on ever more ambitious raids against neighboring bands of raiders and tribals, growing his forces by taking slaves.

2248-2274: Caesar conquers the tribes of southeastern Utah, southwestern Colorado, the western edge of New Mexico, and the northern half of Arizona. By 2250 he has declared himself the Son of Mars. By 2255, he has established a capital of sorts amid the ruins of Flagstaff.

2248: President Tandi takes ill and dies at the age of 103. Her presidency has lasted 52 years. Vice-President Joanna Tibbett assumes office.

2253: President Tibbett is removed from office by a vote of no confidence following her “timid” response to the massacre of 38 NCR citizens at the hands of Mojave raiders. Her replacement, President Wendell Peterson, orders three battalions of NCR infantry into the Mojave.

2270: The extirpation of tribals in the area of present-day Bullhead City is complete. “The Pacification of the Mojave,” as it comes to be known, makes General Aaron Kimball a national hero.

2272: Mojave outpost is established.

2273: Aaron Kimball retires from the NCR military and runs for office as one of Hub’s political representatives (or “governors,” as Hub idiosyncratically calls them). Less than two months into his term, Wendell Peterson is voted out of office and Aaron Kimball becomes the NCR’s next President.

2274: Mr. House Recruits the Three Families as his personal army. The NCR occupies Hover Dam.

2274: NCR forces move east and occupy Hoover Dam. The NCR reluctantly signs the Treaty of New Vegas recognizing Mr. House and his stewards, the Three Families, as the rightful owners of the Strip. The Strip opens for business.

 2275: Hoover Dam restarts and the Strip blazes with light.

2275: Legion scouts report the NCR has occupied and restarted Hoover Dam, restoring electrical power to the Strip. Caesar begins planning war against the NCR.

2275: Camp McCarran is established as NCR headquarters in the Mojave. Sporadic fighting begins with the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel. The NCR government withdraws official support from the Followers of the Apocalypse and founds The Office of Science and Industry.

2275-2276: Legion forces gradually assemble east of the Colorado River. The NCR becomes aware of the threat when scouting parties fail to return from expeditions east.

2276: Conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel escalates, culminating in decisive victory at HELIOS one. The Mojave Brotherhood is considered “neutralized.”

2277: Fallout 3 Begins

2277: Legion forces under the command of Malpais Legate fail to wrest control of Hoover Dam from NCR. Despite heavy casualties, the NCR’s victory is celebrated back home.

2277: The NCR successfully repulses Caesar’s Legion’s assault on Hoover dam.

2277: Legion Forces under the command of Malpais Legate attempt to seize control of Hoover Dam. Casualties are heavy on both sides. The NCR retains control of the dam. Having completed ha campaign of conquest in New Mexico, Caesar announces that he will come to Vegas wastes and command the next assault himself.

2278: Following the abductions of and killing of four soldiers, NCR troops assault the Great Khans’ settlement at Red Rock Canyon and massacre Several dozen men, women, and children. This event goes unreported in NCR press.

2281: Fallout: New Vegas Begins.


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