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Fallout New Vegas: Zion Park Survivor Guide

Updated on June 5, 2011

Warning: Contains Spoilers.

101: Introduction and Lore

102: Year’s and their locations

103: Location of Survival Caches

104: Useful Links

101 Introduction

Once you have downloaded the Honest Hearts expansion you will come across a survivor’s remnants throughout. At these locations you will find Survival Caches which will contain unique items and plenty of ammo among other things.

These were all left by a man named Randall Dean Clark who is the father the Sorrow Tribe worship. He took care of them when they arrived in Zion and became a god in their eyes though he never met them personally. His tale is one of strife, anguish, and suffering and yet endurance. With this guide you will be able to find all the locations ether for his story or for the sweet items.

Thank you for using this guide.

102 Years and their locations

Years Location

2077 Fallen Rock Cave

2078 Fallen Rock Cave

2083 Two Skies Cave

2084 Two Skies Cave

2095 Two Skies Cave

2096 P1 Stone Bones Cave

2096 P2 Stone Bones Cave

2097 Cueva Guarache

2100 Cueva Guarache

2101 Cueva Guarache

2108 Morning Glory Cave

2113 Morning Glory Cave

2123 Morning Glory Cave

2124 The Red Gate

103 Location of Survival Caches

Fallen Rock Cave: Next to bed in back of room

Two Skies Cave: Bottom Shelve on shelves inside shack

Stone Bones Cave: (warning this cave is heavily bubby trapped) Along wall next to sleeping bag in raised area. (near Armor)

Morning Glory Cave: Near Computer in Shack. Across from chair sitting out in the open.

The Red Gate: Right next to his body (Contains entry 2124)


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