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Fantasy Hidden Object Games

Updated on April 24, 2013

Fantasy Hidden Object Games Can Provide as Much Intrigue and Fun as Other Genres

In 'Adventure Mystery Hidden Object Games' I shared my love of Hidden Object games and talked about two of my favourites within the Adventure Mystery genre. I love spooky, horror type games, but I realise they are not to everyone's taste. I have spoken to other gamers who have found some scenes either too gory or graphic or have just not enjoyed having things jump out at them.

So, if you're not a fan of the more horror type games, but love a good storyline and challenge of a fun Hidden Object game, then I have something a little different for you here.

Fairy Tales Are Not Just For Kids

The two games I have picked for you here are in the Fantasy genre and are based on a Fairy Tale style. But one thing I should make clear, that does not mean they are for children, because they are not at all suitable for younger players. In fact the first game I have suggested even comes with a warning when it starts up that it is not for children. This is because while the bright graphics and even story telling is similar to a Fairy tale, there are darker elements in some of the occurrences that may upset children.

If you like mysterious worlds and to go on a quest like your favourite heroes did in the stories when you were younger, then you will love these games as much as I do. Don't forget that after each review, you will find a link to where you can play the game for free for at least an hour, so you can try it out for yourself and not just take my word for it.


Otherworld: Omens of Summer

'Otherworld: Omens of Summer' is a wonderful dark fairy tale and it is one of my all time favourite Hidden Object games. It is the sequel to 'Otherworld: Spring of Shadows'. I love, love, loved 'Omens of Summer' and I have not said that about a game in quite a while! This game had me engrossed from beginning to end and I did not find a single hidden object scene, sub-game or puzzle boring. As the game loads at the beginning, you are shown a warning that this game is not for anyone under 14yrs of age. I guess I can understand that; while it is a fairy tale, it is also spooky and dark at times, with horrible menacing creatures.

There are only a few, what I like to call, standard type Hidden Object scenes, the rest are varied, with you having to match objects and parts of photos. There are lots and lots of puzzles, some are super easy and some are not so much, but they all incorporated into the journey and really keep the game moving and you never get bored or find yourself stopping starting.

If I was to compile a list of my favourite games, at the moment this is number one on the list, and this is not even my favourite genre of games. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it was over too soon (6hrs in all!)

Play the trial version of 'Otherworld: Omens of Summer' now for FREE >>>>


Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love

'Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love' begins where most fairy tales end…with a happy ending. You play the part of Thumbelina who is just about to marry her Prince; however the wedding is disrupted by the Raven Queen. Can you travel through a land infected by the evil Queen’s magic and save your Prince and have your happy ending?

The game is a real fantasy fairy tale with beautiful colourful scenes. The kingdom is vast, but there is a map to making bopping around easier with a legend showing you where you have outstanding tasks. Plenty of hidden object scenes and puzzles to keep you occupied too. I liked being Thumbelina, who is a tiny little thing in a world where everything was huge. It made for very interesting scenes and unusual game play.

The bonus content includes a bonus chapter where you get to play the Raven witch, and understand the other side of the story. All in all this is an enjoyable fantasy adventure, with a fab mystery to solve.

Play the trial version of 'Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love' now for FREE >>>>

Have you played either of these games? Or do you have another favourite in this genre?

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