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Adventure Mystery Hidden Object Games

Updated on April 24, 2013

How I Escape to a Wonderful World of Mystery, Adventure and Fun in Hidden Object Games

Like most people, I’m so busy and very rarely get the chance to relax and just have fun. My games consoles, which were once my favourite way to unwind, now mostly lie untouched and I seem to spend more and more time on my laptop, just working or writing. But when I can get a moment to myself I love to play a Hidden Object game.

Hidden Object games used to be quite basic, but over the years they have developed great stories, graphics and puzzles. Here I am going to share some of my favourite games and also show you where you can try them for free for up to an hour’s games time before you decide on if the game is the right one for you.

What Makes a Good Hidden Object Game?

I have been playing Hidden Object games for years now and I have developed a very precise idea of what I consider makes a great game in this genre. The first thing is a storyline that will keep me absorbed from start to finish. The hidden object scenes, which are where the genre gets its name, must be interesting; after all, there is nothing worse than repetitive scenes with piles of obscure objects. A game with excellent graphics of course helps with the hidden object scenes, but also makes me feel more involved in the game and the same goes for music and ambient sounds; they should add to the overall feel of the game and not annoy or distract me. Games in this genre should also have a good number of puzzles that really get my grey matter working.

I love horror and mystery in the books that I read and the movies that I watch, so this is also the genre that I tend to go for when I am selecting Hidden Object games. Here are two of my all-time favourite games.


Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town

‘Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town’ is a spectacular game that begins with strange occurrences taking place in Fort Nightingale. When you arrive, as Clarissa, a government agent who specialises in the unexplained, you find a city where most people have been frozen in place and those that have not have some bizarre stories regarding a group of children. Can you get to the bottom of what is really going on in the city?

This is one of the most enjoyable games I have come across in quite a while now. The cut-scenes are movie quality and really help convey the story, which was different from the usual types of stories. The game itself kept me involved from the beginning to the end. The hidden object scenes are varied; some you have to find objects, in others you have to place objects and in others still, you have to do both. There is the added task of finding ‘Beyond Objects’ which are morphing objects, and there are so many scenes to explore, but bopping from one to the other is easy thanks to the map. This really felt like being the star of my own movie and there was so much to keep me engrossed.

Play the trial version of this game now for free. >>>>


Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake

Shadow Lake is the latest release in the Mystery Case Files® series. You, the Master Detective, have been called to the deserted town of Bitterford where in the 1970s evil was unleashed when a mystical object was discovered by an inmate. Now a television production team called Ghost Patrol have gone to the town to film one of their reality shows. Their resident psychic Cassandra has called for help in solving the mystery that has plagued this town for decades.

The characters in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake are played by real actors, rather than being drawn, with the cast being led by Lea Thompson as Cassandra and Brandon O’Neill as Jack Talon, the flamboyant host of Ghost Patrol. The game and graphics offer everything fans of the series like me have come to expect. The hidden object scenes can involve more than one room rather than just big piles. Shadow Lake does exactly what the MCF games promise; provide us with a real mystery to solve.

This game has a different feel to it than previous games, and it is different from the Ravenhearst series but maybe more like Thirteenth Skull. If this is your first Mystery Case Files®game, then I promise you, this is a great introduction to the series.

Play the trial version of this game now for free. >>>>

Do You Enjoy Playing Hidden Object Games? What Are Your Favourites?

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