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Dark Souls 2: Defeating the Last Giant

Updated on August 11, 2014

Boss Difficulty

2 stars for The Last Giant

The Last Giant

The last giant is the first of two area bosses for the Forest of Fallen Giants and as such is the first major enemy you will likely find yourself taking on. While a daunting looking enemy however, the fight should be a fairly simple one for experienced players and so I've given the last giant two stars for difficulty.

That being said the fight can be tricky depending on character class, and for newcomers to the series this will be the first boss of this type that they will have fought so getting used to the tactics needed is important.


The most simple strategy for melee classes is simply to rush the giant from the end of the cut scene and try to stay behind and under him as much as possible. This will present you with plenty of opportunities to hack away at his legs and keeps you out of the way of most of his attacks.

Given that you probably won't be using your shield much using this technique going two handed if you have a suitable weapon can make the fight slightly quicker as the giant has a decent amount of health for a boss this early in the game.

Either the Heide sword taken from the resting knight earlier in the level or the fire long sword from the salamander tunnel both make shorter work of the fight than any other weapons you might have found thus far.

The two things to watch out for using this technique are firstly being stamped on by the giant and secondly the giant falling on your character both of which he will telegraph by standing still for a second between moving or attacking.

From time to time the giant will also jump away to create distance for his swinging attacks, especially after he has fashioned a bespoke club from his own severed arm. Avoiding the initial attack and rolling between his legs usually puts you in a relatively safe area however.

Ranged classes will likely find the fight more challenging, especially without phantom assistance, but shouldn't have too much trouble finding enough space in between attacks to do some damage. Unleashing either an arrow or two or a spell and then running between the giant's legs is usually an effective strategy, then waiting until his attacks take him towards one end of the chamber before running to the opposite side and attacking again.

Mild Mannered Pate

If taking on the giant alone is proving difficult, summoning assistance in the form of Mild Mannered Pate will make things a lot more manageable.

In order to make him a summonable ally simply talk to him before the gated area with the room full of undead and ballista and fight your way through the trap. After talking to him again several times he will not only give you the white soapstone but will aid you against the last giant. His summon sign can be found just outside the white fog gate.

With Pate onside the fight becomes much easier as he will hold the attention of the giant plenty long enough for you to cut it down to size. Summoning Pate is especially advisable if you are using a ranged class and are having trouble keeping the giant at bay long enough to launch attacks.

After the giant falls

After turning the last giant into firewood you will not only be rewarded with a decent amount of souls but will also be given a soldier key which unlocks a door at the end of the hallway from the bonfire. This location can't be accessed further for now but should be remembered for the future.

Once you have finished exploring the area the next port of call should probably be Heide's tower of flame although if you are still human at this stage it might be worth leaving a summon sign and helping other players defeat the boss for a few easy souls.


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