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Fastest Possible Reaction Time 0.03 Game For iPhone - Tips & Hints

Updated on February 20, 2014

Game Review

Fastest Possible Reaction 0.03 is a new game for the iPhone and iPad. This game has stormed to the top of many download charts and has been a massive success for the makers. Fastest possible reaction 0.03 is designed and created by Chein Ming Liang. The game has been released by Orange Nose. The game gets it’s name ‘The Fastest Possible Reaction Time 0.03’ from the concept that this is a fast as it is humanly possible to react to something. The game is designed to test a players reactions and also be a bit of good fun.

When you open the game up you are taken to the menu screen. Fastest Possible Reaction Time has three levels, Sooo…. Easy, Just Being Normal and I Must Be Crazy. At first only the easy level is available to play, you must complete this to move on to more difficult levels. Each level has eight different challenges designed to test your reactions. When you have completed one test you move on to the next. On each level it is possible to attain five stars, depending upon how fast you react you are awarded a star, you only need one to progress but the challenge is to try to get five stars on each level of fastest possible reaction.

The levels on fastest possible reaction are pretty well thought out. They range from tapping the screen when the dot changes color to solving a mixture of simple equations. Some are based on simple reaction times whereas some need a little bit of working out as well. When you have completed all eight levels you are then able to play the medium difficulty game. The levels on this are the same but you have to react quicker.

The basic version of fastest possible reaction time is free but you can purchase additional levels and harder challenges. These come at a small price and are worth a purchase if you enjoy the original game. When it comes to hints and tips the best way to play the game is to be very alert. When you get used to the challenges they are not that hard, the ones where you have to tap the screen make sure you have your finger as close as possible to the screen so you have minimal distance to move. Another trick, never blink!

Overall fastest possible reaction 0.03 is a good little game that is well worth a download. It’s also one of those that is good fun to play with friends as you can challenge each other and compete with scores. Although this is a very simple concept it is a very addictive game and one that has caught the imaginations of millions of people! So, can you beat 0.03 with your fastest possible reaction time?


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