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Geared 2 Game App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats, Level Walkthroughs

Updated on January 27, 2011

Looking for Geared 2 game app tips, hints, cheats, level walkthroughs and general help? Well you are in the right place. The Geared 2 game app for the iPhone is a follow up to the popular Geared puzzle game which came out last year. This is currently one of the most popular downloads on the iPhone app store and this is a game that anyone who enjoys puzzles will no doubt love.

Here we will first of all briefly review Geared 2, have a look at some of the new levels for the game and also try to get some handy hints and tips for Geared 2. We will also see if there are any cheats out there or level walkthroughs that may help you when you play the game.

Geared 2 Game

Geared 2 is a simple puzzle game. When you open the app up you are taken to the menu screen. From here you can either select which level you want to play, play some user levels, go to the level editor, view the statistics or view the credits. The user levels are very clever. These are levels that have been created by members and uploaded onto the game, some of these are very challenging and they are a nice addition to the game. The level editor is also a brilliant new tool, this gives you the ability to create your own levels on Geared 2. When you have made a level and checked it works you can actually upload it for other people to play.

The stats page is another feature I really like. This tells you the history of your game play. You can find out how many levels you have completed, how many gears you have moved, how many separate occasions you have played the game, the time you have played and even how far you have moved all the gears since you started playing the game. This is a very clever feature that is interesting to look at every now and again.

Game Play

There are currently 60 standard levels to play on Geared 2. They come in three different worlds. The first is ‘Origin’, second you have ‘Meridian’ and finally ‘Crest’. The world’s and levels get progressively harder as you advance. When you first start playing there are only six levels available, you must complete the levels to advance through the game and unlock more. There are new levels for Geared 2 coming out in the near future although it is not yet known when this will be.

When you click a level and enter game play it is very simple. There is a gear at the bottom that contains a little hamster. There are also blue gears on the screen. You must use the gears in the bottom left of the screen to connect all the gears up and complete the sequence. To moves your gears you just tap the corner and drag them out. Then you can drop them into place. The first levels are very simple but as you go on things get more tricky and there are no drop zones and other obstacles that make the game much more difficult.

Tips, Hints, Cheats

In the original Geared game you were awarded hints as you completed levels, however that does not seem to happen on Geared 2. Although there is a stat for how many hints you have used there seems to be no way to actually use hints on Geared 2. When it comes to tips for Geared 2 it really a case of trial and error. The game takes time and patience, some of the levels you have to try a few times. If you get all messed up you can reset the level by tapping the bottom right corner where the little arrow button is.

Currently there are no cheats available for Geared 2. As this is still quite a new game that may change in the near future, as more people download the app then it is more likely someone will come up with some cheats for the game. There are a few level walkthroughs for Geared 2. However as there are so many levels it’s hard to come up with a way of giving out all that information. There are a few videos on YouTube that can be helpful if you are looking for a level walkthrough.

Geared 2 really is a great fun game app for the iPhone. Although there seem to be no hints available it is still a game that is not that difficult to finish. If you are struggling you may be able to find more tips, cheats and walkthroughs, but to be honest I think you should be able to manage this one on your own. So if you are looking for a good fun iPhone game that will keep you occupied then Geared 2 could well be for you.


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    • profile image

      Em 6 years ago

      I don't know how to get to the hints I says that you can but now I can't get it how do you get the hint?

    • profile image

      Ally 7 years ago

      Thx. Now I got to the last few levels