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Fifa 11 Ultimate team. The most cost effective way to build your bronze team.

Updated on December 4, 2010

As the poll shows in one of my previous hubs on Fifa 11 utimate team the gold players in Fifa utimate team are most people's priority. There will however come a point when you will start to build a bronze team to compete in specific tournaments. In this hub i will try to build my team by buying (with coins) the premium Bronze packs and list my results. I have decided to keep players and managers that i get in the packs who have an overall rating of 60 or above. I will also keep players who are fast, by fast i mean 75 or over for bronze players, even if they are below 60 overall. I will also keep any contracts that i get and sell them on straight away. Anything else i will discard. After i've done all this i will count the cost of the packs against what i recieve from sales and discarding items as well as taking a look at what players i have managed to get hold of and basically see whether this method is worthwile. Also for the purpose of the experiment i will be calling 60 Rated contract cards 'big' and 50 Rated contract cards 'small'.

I have split the experiment into two parts. I bought 10 packs at 8.30am and 10 packs at 8.00pm at night to judge if there is any difference between sales figures for the contracts. Here's the results of my first 10 packs:

1st pack

Players kept: Kennedy - CM (62) Rochdale

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 85 coins

2nd pack

Players kept: Mellor - ST (63) Preston, Baguette - GK (61) Charleroi

Managers kept: Hareide (Norway) 66

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 63 coins

3rd pack

Players kept: None

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 103 coins

4th pack

Players kept: Mourad (ST) 64 - Tromso

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 75 coins

5th pack

Players kept: Renzeitti (LWB) 64 - Padua, Toto (CF) 63 - Albacete, Frolund (LB) 60 BK Hacken

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (all small)

Discarded items: 32 coins

6th pack

Players kept: Neuendorf (CM) 60 - Hertha BSC, Aygun (CB) 60 - 1860 Munchen

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (1 big, 2 small)

Discarded items: 56 coins

7th pack

Players kept: Woolford (LW) 62 - Scunthorpe, Hanssen (CDM) 61 - Stromsgodset, Yang Dong Hyen (ST) 61 - Busan Park, Ubiparipovic (CAM) 64 - NY Red Bulls

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (all small)

Discarded items: 57 coins

8th pack

Players kept: Clarke (CB) 64 - Huddersfield

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 big, 1 small)

Discarded items: 69 coins

9th pack

Players kept: Cristman (ST) 62 DC United, Eziyodawe (ST) 62 - Lillestrom

Managers kept: Forte (66)

Contracts: 4 (4 small - 1 manager contract)

Discarded items: 59 coins

10th pack

Players kept: Javi Flores (CF) 61 - Cordoba

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (1 big, 2 small)

Discarded items: 97 coins


Packs cost - 7,500 coins

Contracts sold for - 6,450 coins minus 323 (selling fee) = 6,127 coins

Discarded items - 696 coins

Players over 60 aquired - 17

Managers over 60 aquired - 2

Overall outlay for 17 players and 2 managers = 7,500 - 6127 - 696 = 677

Total expenditure = 677 coins


These next 10 packs are the ones i bought in peak time (8.00pm)

Pack 1

Players kept: None

Managers kept: Peters (64)

Contracts: 3 (all small)

Discarded items: 101 coins

Pack 2

Players kept: Kerr (CDM) 58 (Pace 78) - Arm. Bielfield

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 81 coins

Pack 3

Players kept: Gerardo (RW) 63 - Gimnastic, Lledo (GK) 62 - Xerez C.D, Messaoud (CAM) 63 - AZ Alkmaar, Mccombe (CB) 62 - Port Vale

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (2 small, 1 big)

Discarded items: 15 coins

*There was also 200 coins in this pack

Pack 4

Players kept: Andersson (cm) 62 - Trelleborgs FF, Bates (CB) 61 - Tromso IL

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 1 (small)

Discarded items: 127 coins

5th Pack

Players kept: Malinowski (CDM) 60 - Ruch Chorzow, Tabb (CM) 62 - Reading, Trotman (CB) 63 - Preston

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (all small)

Discarded items: 38 coins

Pack 6

Players kept: Park Min (CB) 60 - Gyeongnam FC

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 4 (1 big, 3 small)

Discarded items: 77 coins

Pack 7

Players kept: Cristiano (LF) 70 - PAOK, Mohr (CB) 64 - SC Paderborn

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (all small)

Discarded items: 66 coins

Pack 8

Players kept: Fink (LB) 61 - FC Ingolstadt, Tsoumou (ST) 62 - Aleman Aachen

Managers kept: Vanhaezebrouck (64)

Contracts: 3 (1 big, 2 small)

Discarded items: 43 coins

Pack 9

Players kept: Mendes (CB) 64 - NY Red Bulls, Edu Ramos (CDM) 62 - Malaga C.F, Elebert (CB) 64 - Hamilton

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 3 (1 big, 2 small)

Discarded items: 39 coins

Pack 10

Players kept: Arvidsson (LB) 60 - Atvidabergs FF

Managers kept: None

Contracts: 4 (1 big, 3 small)

Discarded items: 68 coins


Packs cost: 7,500 Coins

Contracts sold for: 6,550 minus 328 (selling fee) = 6,222 coins

Discarded items: 655 coins

Extra Bonus: 200 Coins

Players aquired:19

Managers aquired: 2

Overall outlay for 19 players and 2 managers = 7,500 - 6222 - 655 - 200 = 423

Total expenditure = 423 coins

So there you have it. For 36 players and 2 managers the total cost has come to exactly 1,100 coins (1st session + the second session) but what should also be taken into account is the items that i got rid of for the purpose of this experiment. In the packs were kits, badges, stadiums, morale and fitness cards, and other items that if sold could have fetched more than if discarded. The only reason i discarded them is because i wouldn't have had enough room in my trade pile and consumables to keep them all.

I personally think this was an excellent result. Whilst i didn't get hold of a Forte (Scunthorpe) or Robinson (Millwall) etc, i did get my hands on quite a few very good players. The pick of the bunch in my opinion was Eziyodawe (Lillestrom) who's stats of 79 pace and dribbling of 73 would pretty much guarantee you the 1,100 coins you ended up paying if you decided to sell him on.

In my opinion the premium packs are the best way to start building your bronze squad as 9 times out of 10 you tend to get 3 contract cards in a pack which can sold on easier than any other item in the game. You also stand the chance of getting some top players as well. It's a no brainer for me as it's got pretty much zero risk factor as you tend to get enough items that you can sell easily enough to get the majority of you coins back. Dare i say it, you could possibly even make a profit if you keep all the items and sell them on, infact i'd be suprised if you didn't. Why not give it a try yourselves and let me know how you find it works for you.

Thanks for reading everyone.

What's the most you have ever paid for a bronze player?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago


      Thx for this. Great job. Now you could do the same thing with gold and silver packs! ;)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WOW. Great Hub Fuller Legend. Amazing. Am trying to build my bronze team up and this will help. How much did you sell your contracts for?

    • Fuller_legend profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Warchild: Ha ha i know what you mean mate, It was starting to wind me up a little near the end.

      Lukeyboy: Thanks for the kind words mate. Hopefully at least one or two will find it helpful. Cheers

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      yh i agree its good for some beginners who are struggling good hub mate.

    • warchild75 profile image


      8 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      glad u had the patience to do this hub,i couldnt bring myself to do it!!!


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