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Fifa 12 How to Make Money Part 2

Updated on May 11, 2012

This part of my method to make coins will be when you have reached around about the 10- 20k mark. Please Note that some methods may only work at the start of Ultimate Team but will work when Fifa 13 comes out.

Method 1- Gold Player Method

Buy a gold player for a maximum of 300 coins and then try and sell him on for a minimum of 500 coins depending on how good the player is.

Only buy for 300 coins because all gold players discard for at least 300 coins. Pace is key over all else. Try and sell for 100-300 coins profit but no more because the players probably won't sell.

Method 2- Rare Gold Player Method

Buy a rare gold player for a maximum of 600 coins and then try and sell him on for a minimum of 800 coins depending on how good the player is.

Rare (shiny) gold players all discard for at least 600 coins so don't buy for much more. A good league and pace are the most important things for these players.

How to get to the 59th Minute

To get to the 59th minute when searching for players there are two easy ways to get there: you can either use Cheat Engine on the Computer or by putting an elastic band on your controller when searching for players so the stick is pointing in a way so it is moving through the pages.

Getting to the 59th minute is good because if people put players up for low prices then you will be the first to see them.

Method 3- 59th Minute Rare Golds

Get to the 59th Minute in the way described and put your Buy It Now price at 600 coins and hunt for the shiny gold players. Pick up any that you find as even if they don't sell you can always discard for more.

Method 4- 59th Minute Method 2

This time search for gold players and make the maximum BIN price your amount of coins. Look for players at the 59th minute who look like good deals. If you think someone is selling a player for a good price check out his price on the database and if it is a good price buy him.

This is one of the easiest ways of making coins in this part of the Money Making Guide.

Method 5- Discarding IFs

If you can find an IF player for less than 9000 coins and they fail to sell then you can discard them for profit. This will very rarely work but if you find one be sure to buy him.

Check Out Part 1 for more money making tips:


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