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Fifa 12 How to make money Part 1

Updated on May 11, 2012

Fifa 12 Utimate Team Coin Making- Getting Started

This part of my method to make coins will be when you are just starting Ultimate Team. Please Note that some methods may only work at the start of Ultimate Team but will work when Fifa 13 comes out.

Method 1- 2 Accounts

You must create a second account. You must control your main account from the web app. Your second account goes onto the console. You start an Ultimate Team on the second account and discard all the players and consumables. On your main account you then put a bronze player up for sale which the second account will buy. If there is a bronze player worth more than about 400 coins in your starter pack then send him over in a trade offer along with all the coins. After the player has been bought delete the club on the second account and do it again.

This method will get over 10k an hour and although it can get very boring you do not need much money at all to do it as a bronze pack with 12 items only costs 400 coins.

Method 2- Silver Player Method

Buy a rare silver card for a maximum of 350 coins. You then sell him on for profit. The player tends to sell if the start price is 100 coins more than what you bid and the Buy It Now is double the price you bought him for and an extra 50 coins e.g. If you buy a player for 300 coins put him up for Start Price 400 BIN 650.

Always look for pace and a good league/nationality.

This method will work with the majority of players but if you get anyone for a very small price then check his price in the database (link at the bottom).

Mathod 3- Loyalty Packs

On Fifa 12 make a few accounts and then on Fifa 13 you will get 2 free loyalty packs per account. This will not get you packs on Fifa 12 but will work on any Fifa game after. If you get a really good player such as David Silva wait a couple of weeks before selling him.

This will not work on Fifa 12 any more.

Method 4- Rare Gold Cards

All gold cards (except for players) discard for 285 coins so if you buy any for 250 or less then you can discard them for profit.

Don't completely rely on this method as many people now know about it.

Method 5- Contracts

Check the price of both rare and normal contracts in the database and then try and find some for below that price and then sell them on for 50-100 coins profit. This can also be done with fitness cards.

Method 6- Bronze Pack

Buy either a 750 coin pack or a 1500 coin pack and send all rare items to the trade pile and any players or silver items or consumables that look like they might be worth anything then sell it all.

Additional Notes

The link to the Database is It gives you average prices for all cards in ultimate team.

Use a calculator or do the maths in your head to work out if you will make a profit because EA take 5% of your coins whenever you make a trade so be careful.

Pace is key over everything else and players with high pace tend to be worth a lot.

Only buy players in a formation with 4 defenders as they are worth more. This is not a strict rule but people will spend an extra 1000 coins for a player in a good formation.

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Check out part 2 for more money making methods:


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