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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team How To Build A Great Team On A Budget

Updated on October 21, 2012

What Makes A Great Team

This is an opinion, it is my opinion and of course it could be wrong, but for me a great team is a team that is designed around pace. How many times have you broken past the last defender only for him to peg you back a few yards up the field. With great pace this simply doesn't happen, with great pace skill tricks are a lot harder to defend against and the defenders are far more likely to foul a quick player than a slow one.

So this is what makes a great team, quick defenders, a couple of midfielders with great vision and passing skills and a couple of wingers and attackers with pace, This is usually the way I Will start to build a team, of course I use great well know players but we all have to start with a rubbish team so this is the way to make one without spending a fortune finding your premier league dream team.

I will try as far as it is possible to only recommend players that are less than 10,000 coins although we all know that prices change and fluctuate day by day so dont take these players as definatly being less than that price, I will only use players with more than 80 pace too as any less and they will just be hindering the team on the field!. So lets start building.


Now when it comes to goalkeepers, it really doesn't matter about pace, especially when trying to build a great budget team so I suggest you get a goalkeeper with great shot stopping and handling skills and then build a great team in front of him, Lets face it getting Joe Hart in from the off is a bit unlikely unless your very lucky in a gold pack.

If I could suggest just one then I would go for Weidenfeller an 82 Gold goalkeeper from the Bundesliga who plays for B. Dortmund, He has great Diving, handling and positioning and is a great cheap keeper.


Now defenders need to be quick, In fact this is far more important than having quick attackers, There is no point in being able to score at will if you cant keep a clean sheet because your defenders are dog slow. The wing backs are always going to be easy to find as they are generally pacey anyway, where you may struggle is with Centre backs as they are usually great in the air and with good tackling skills but lack the pace, So we may have to compromise and use slightly less pacey players in this position.

RB: Ignazio Abate Pace 93 Rating 81 Italy Serie A Milan

RB: Francesco Pisano Pace 94 Rating 72 Italy Serie A Cagliari

LB: Tsepo Masilele Pace 93 Rating 70 South Africa Kaiser Chiefs

LB: Jose Enrique Pace 86 Rating 79 Spain Liverpool

CB: Dede Pace 81 Rating 80 Brazil Vasco de Gama

CB: Ogbonna Pace 80 Rating 79 Italy Torino

There are of course more players than this with good pace but these above are some of the cheapest around and add some skill and pace to your backline. Not one of these should cost you more than 5,000 coins.


This is where is gets interesting, I have always used a central two followed by two fast wingers, so this is how I'm going to depict it. Lets get going.

Pedro: LW Pace 84 Rating 84 Spain Barcelona

Afellay: LW Pace 84 Rating 81 Holland Bundesliga Fc shalke

Gervinho: LW Pace 88 Rating 81 Ivory coast Arsenal

Diego Capel: LW Pace 88 Rating 81 Spain Liga portugesa Sporting cp

Menez: RW Pace 85 Rating 81 France PSG

Valbuena: RW Pace 84 Rating 80 France Marseille

Sturridge: RW Pace 90 Rating 78 England Chelsea

Narsingh: RW Pace 94 Rating 77 Holland PSV

Gundogan: CM Pace 84 Rating 80 German B.Dortmund

Marchisio: CM Pace 80 Rating 84 Italy Juventus

Nainggolan: CM Pace 84 Rating 79 Belgium Serie A Cagliari

Some great Midfielders above and If you work hard enough you could create a super quick midfield based on these players for less than 10,000 for all of them.


Now this is important, It doesnt really matter too much about their shooting skills because with the pace they will possess nine times out of ten they will end up behind the back four and when it is just you and the keeper you dont have to be a Lionel Messi.

Lewandowski: ST Pace 82 Rating 83 Poland Budesliga B.Dortmund

Vagner Love: ST Pace 84 Rating 82 Brazil Flamengo

Welliton: ST Pace 92 Rating 81 Brazil Spartak Moskva

Defoe: ST Pace 84 Rating 81 England Tottenham

Emenike: ST Pace 90 Rating 81 Nigeria Spartak Moskva

Cisse: ST Pace 85 Rating 81 France Qpr

Aubameyang: ST Pace 93 Rating 79 Gabon Saint ettiene

Mirallas: ST Pace 88 Rating 78 Belgium Everton

Some great players for you to have a peruse through, I personally at one point had Welliton and defoe up front and I can tell you they caused absolute havoc with people defences!!.

Put It All Together

So if you work hard you could put together a really great but pacey team for less than 50,000 coins, It can be done as I have done it multiple times in the past. Have fun using some of the above players guys and let me know how you get on, Also visit some of my previous hubs on fifa ultimate team and also let me know what other ultimate team hubs you would like to see. Thanks, Please like and vote this hub if you enjoyed it.


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    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      hate playing against fast teams, but they are the best to play with?!. Also i think you should do one of those hubs where you make 50k (or any other amount) in a few hours i find them useful