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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Preview

Updated on July 4, 2012

Fifa Returns

If anyone has ever read some of my hubs you will be able to see quite clearly that I have written many hubs on the video game Fifa, The soccer/football game is one of the best in its field and I love writing about it. In particular one aspect of the game is Ultimate team, This is where with the help of player trading cards and earning coins you have to set about building the best squad of players in the world.

My ultimate team hubs have had nearly 1,000,000 views in less than three years and I am looking forward to bringing you all the latest tips and hints to make you a better squad builder for the new version which is due for release in Sept.

Release Date And Pre-Orders

So for those of you not in the know!! The release date for fifa 13 in the UK is Sept 28Th, which means we only have a couple of months to wait people. Ea are again updating their famous fifa web app as it has been so popular for people at work or unable to play for various reasons. Also announced is the release of a special version which is the same as last year this is the Ultimate Edition which if The ultimate team is what makes you go out and buy fifa then this is for you.

The ultimate edition is for gamers who pre-order and they will receive One gold pack per week for 24 weeks, this gives you the opportunity to build a good squad without having to play loads of games or spend your own money. If your like me though and can build a good squad fairly quickly then all these packs do is give you the opportunity to find someone special and then to sell of the rest of the items.

I'm hoping that the ultimate edition gives you the chance to open 1 pack every week and not four packs once a month which was annoying, although you got four packs to open you had to wait the entire month to do so. As an added bonus customers who pre-order from Gamestop will receive a special edition metal case featuring Lionel Messi on the cover.


Rumours are a bit short on the ground for ultimate team at the moment, We know it will make an appearance from the release date and will be included on the disc like last year, we also know you can get the special edition like last year but so far it all seems very familiar, I am waiting for some kind of news regarding a new innovative change to ultimate team but I'm not sure I'm going to get that.

We do know that a smart-phone app will be released which will enable all of us ultimate team fans to be able to access the online auctions for players and cards via our phones which means I will be able to waste even more time at work. There will be even more features on the mobile app but EA are not saying anything at the moment!!.

My WishList

Im sure that for many of you it would seem like there was not a lot of improvements on last years ultimate team and that any improvements that were made were mainly on the fifa web app and only small graphical improvements were made on the game itself. Although there have been no new rumours surrounding what we will see with Ultimate team this year its not going to stop us from thinking and dreaming about what we would like to see this year.

  • More Matches and trophies to be won. If you dont play online a lot then you are limited to only a few matches and tournements to play which can quickly become boring when you have won the trophy 20 times, There needs to be an overhaul there without a doubt.
  • Chemistry needs to work better, If you have two teams with the same players but one team is 100 chemistry and the other has say 60 then it should be nigh on impossible for the 60 team to be able to win, IE chemistry wise the 100 team would be Spain with their fluid passing and the 60 team would be Holland who didn't gel well at all.
  • The ability to stop you owning more than 2 or 3 of the same player as people tend to buy up all of one player and then they can pick and choose what he sells for often inflating the prices to rediculous amounts.
  • Ultimate Team forums should be set up where people can talk about their teams and perhaps strike up player deals with other fans
  • There should be an icon on the players card if he currently plays for a national team, this should reflect in his price and stat score.

Your Wishlist

So that's about it until I get more news on Ultimate Team that I can add to this article, I hope you learnt something you didn't know yet. So what would you guys like to see in the new ultimate team, Fifa are certainly ringing in a lot of changes in the last year or so. Are there certain aspects you would like to see improve. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments sections. Thanks Warchild signing out.


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