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Final Fantasy 12 Power-Leveling: Werewolf Method

Updated on April 5, 2015

Werewolves in the Bestiary

Finding and killing the werewolves

-Check the bottom for a link to get to the hub with information on how to get to this level with no level requirements. Once reaching level 45 this method will be faster and easier and will generate more experience versus the Dustia Method

Final Fantasy 12 is one of my favorite games and I'm always looking for easy ways to level up and I found a method you can use early in the game to level quickly.This method requires a high level to use around level 45 should be good for using this method. If you need to level up check out this other method I found using this link to a different hub: .The first thing you do is go to the Giza Plains and south of the area that the tribe inhabits is an area where there are two werewolves. If your level is high you should be able to kill both werewolves try to take on one at a time and don't use a quickening and try not to use black magic save MP.After killing the two werewolves leave the area going to the East. where there is a save crystal (don't use the save crystal it will break your chain rely on your white magic to cure you. Continue going East into the next area then cure yourself make sure you have full health. Then repeat the process and chain the werewolves eventually they will drop a katana called Kotetsu and this is the strongest weapon you can get before leaving to go to the castle.Try to get three so everyone can use them in the party once you get more members and all extra can be sold for extra Gil to use later.


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