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FFXIV Collector's Edition Package

Updated on January 7, 2015

Today is a good day. Cooked and ate lunch. Did homework. Minor car repairs… and immediately as I was going inside the house from the car, lo and behold, the UPS truck showed up with my FFXIV package! Wooo!

Omg. It also came with bubblewrap. Woooo!
Omg. It also came with bubblewrap. Woooo!

So, today’s hub is going to be about the FFXIV Collector’s Edition Package. The outside of the package looks pretty cool and solid. It comes in a weird laminate folder type of material to keep the inside together; on the laminate cover, the Final Fantasy XIV logo and picture is embossed.

If you have been paying attention to FFXIV at all, there is nothing surprising or new about anything here. Everything from the outside to the core of the package has been shown before. Mind you, this is not a negative; you get what you paid for and everything that it comes with.

The container that holds the game is similar to a “book on tape” container; it’s partitioned down the middle and opens up like a book revealing 3 indentations for objects. The 3 objects are the diary, the random key generator, and the game disk container.

Everything neatly together. CD box, journal, and a random password generator made in china. :D
Everything neatly together. CD box, journal, and a random password generator made in china. :D

The diary is a small diary, nothing special about it; however it does both feel and look good. I can’t tell if its real leather or some type of synthetic but, it does feel good. On the front of the diary Final Fantasy XIV Online is imprinted into the book. The first pages give you a map and an introductory “rally” text. The back of it, surprisingly has a few pages of good quality concept art.

The Random Password Generator…Also known as the Mog Satchel in FFXI, is small. Like, it can get lost in your pocket small. I guess this is a good thing. It has the FFXIV logo on it and the picture as well.

That leaves us with just the CD case itself. Nothing special about the outside, it’s the Male human guy from the video in the same pose we have seen about 1000 times. I think it was also part of the FFXIV Fan Site Package, if someone can confirm that for me that would be great. Inside we have the game disk and the special “Making of” disk; looking forward to seeing that later.

On the opposite side of the two CDs we have several loose papers; Square-Enix member product registration card, Onion Helm code, 30 Day Buddy Pass, and a Rite of passage Certificate Redemption Code. Hmm. I thought it was going to come with them right off the bat. Oh well, it’s wasn’t one of the things I was looking for anyway.

Soon I’ll be playing the game once the game finishes installing and updating. Yay.~


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    • GamerAinion profile image

      GamerAinion 7 years ago from Miami, FL

      Sorry, I don't have one :(.

      Personally I would either wait till the PS3 version comes out so it gets upgraded to be decent enough.

      Or if you really want to play now, you can find it for some pretty good prices now since it got bashed hard upon release... Also its pretty much Free Play till something special comes out :D

    • profile image

      adam 7 years ago

      Do you have extra buddy pass?.. I would really like to try this game out.