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FFXIV Newbie Mining Guide

Updated on October 19, 2010
Normal looking pick axe + Sexy Fishing hat = Ready to go!
Normal looking pick axe + Sexy Fishing hat = Ready to go!

Finally, we are on mining, the last of the 3 currently available gathering classes. At the time of writing this article I just found out that my screenshots for the hub are corrupted. Fffffff, more delay on both hubs. Let’s get started.

Miner is the third and final current Disciple of the land(Gatherer) Class. Armed with his mighty Pick axe and Hammer, he cleaves the land entwine searching for valuable rocks and useable ores. Fancy huh? It’s pretty much the same as Botanist but with a different UI for the “Sweet Spot” game.

As usual, First, Get your gear. Your main will be a pick axe and your secondary will be a (sledge) hammer. The pick axe does this neat extending thing with the pointy part when you prepare to mine, kinda similar to when you extend the fishing rod. When you’re carrying the pick axe on your back, it looks more like a badass club that do some serious damage…But your only combat skill is flicking your wrist and throwing stones… Fffffffffffffff…

Alright, Use your generic gatherer class mining spot locator skill and follow the directions to it. It should look like a large shiny star fell to earth and rammed itself into the cliff-side and is reflecting light like there is no tomorrow.

You use the blue exclamation to begin mining. One cool thing is that Pick-axe's stick opens out of club mode into pickaxe mode before you begin. I can’t say it means anything but it’s a small level of detail I appreciate. As usual with gathering classes, you select your “depth” and prepare to strike!

You can see the shine in the rock behind it. That's the "Mine Me" signal.
You can see the shine in the rock behind it. That's the "Mine Me" signal.

Despite the similarities to the other two gathering classes, the UI is strikingly different even though the concept of the “Sweet Spot” is the same. This time you have an expanding/shrinking circle and you need to guess the correct size. These are your possible scenarios while mining… It’s pretty much the same as harvesting.

You feel nothing promising = Nothing, Nada, Try again plz.

You feel something promising = Close, hope you know which direction is correct.

You are getting farther from the mark = Compared to last try, your farther.

You are getting closer to the mark = Compared to last try, your closer.

You are close to something, but cannot extract it. = So close you can almost taste it!

As usual, you have a limited number of tries to gather before the vein goes dry. Your secondary weapon/tool is a rather large hammer… Well, with most current RPGs your huge weapons are probably considered standard size. Like fishing and harvesting secondary tools, you find a spot that allows it, select it, and its either get item or fail to get item, and you have x amount of tries left.

I noticed there is still a slight amount of server lag, similar to harvesting. But like I said on the harvesting guide hub, the game is still in Open Beta, I’m pretty sure the client will be fixed by release…Considering the beta client is a month or two old.

This concludes my set of guides for the 3 Disciples Of The Land classes (Gatherers.) Next comes Guildleves and the market!... And anything else I find worthy of making a guide for. FFXIV is very intuitive, many things happen in the same places and if you need help there are always other people to ask… Or leave me a comment and I will do my best to help!


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