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Luigi's Mansion: Get Rank "A" Easy with Gold Diamonds

Updated on April 5, 2015

Luigi Holding a Gold Diamond

Ever finished Luigi's mansion and had the Rank F or even worse stare you in the face. Prehaps it was your first play through and you are wondering what it is you can do to up this rank next time around through the Hidden Mansion. There is a key way to make sure that you can get the "A" rank that you deserve; and that's to get the two giant gold diamonds. Below i'll tell you how to find these luxuries and make sure that you can receive the "A".

How to find the diamonds

The first diamond-

This diamond can be obtain easily while also playing through the story line and not having to go out of your way, it's simple, all you have to do is catch all fifty boos. Make sure that when you clear a room of a ghost/ghosts you use your boo radar to track the boo. Check the room all over for boos and try your best to catch them right away, as it can be very tricky to catch one once it gets away. Also, you need to make sure you clear every room including the optional rooms as well, like the treasure rooms which can be difficult to find. If you can't find them i'll post a link to a hub on how to find them at the very bottom of this hub; and also you need to clear optional boss ghost rooms such as Jarvis and Sue Pea.

The second diamond-

This diamond was a lot harder to figure out how to do. In the second area outside of the kitchen their should be the ghost dog: Spooky and a skeleton. After you catch them you should notice a small plant by the water supply. Get the water element from the hose and then water the plant until you see an animation where it grows; a noise will also be played to accompany this animation. Then once you make it past Bogmire -the ghost in the graveyard, go back and repeat the process it should grow even larger and bloom into a flower. Then finally, once you beat Boolossus - the giant boo boss on the balcony, then water the plant again this time it will open the bulb and it should also produce the diamond and coins and dollars as well. Make sure to get the diamond quick as it will disappear after an amount of time; this has happened to me before and it ruined my play through right before facing King Boo.

If you follow these directions you should be able to get both the diamonds that give the value of 20,000,000G each which puts you 40% of the way to achieving an "A" rank. (A rank is achieved from accumulating 100,000,000G throughout your play-through)

What was your rank in your first play-through?

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    • greekwarrior profile image

      greekwarrior 5 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

      No problem, and once a boo escapes it's a pain I was playing it today and I hads to chase a boo for over five minutes and I lst one and had to search the whole mansion again looking for it.

    • profile image

      Videogames161 5 years ago

      Thanks I didn't know that you had to get all fifty boo's and they are hard to catch !