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Luigi's mansion: How to Find the Treasure Rooms

Updated on April 5, 2015

Luigi walking in the Sealed Room

Luigi's mansion it can be difficult to receive the "A" ranking (achieved by accumulating 100,000,000G throughout your play through) without watering every plant and check every possible piece of furniture and other objects for money. The quickest way to make easy money is to make use of the two hidden treasure rooms, which i'll show you how to find in the guide below.

How to find the two treasure rooms

Treasure room #1

The first treasure room is located in the butlers room, note that this trick is only usable when the room is dark; which is before you catch the ghost in the room, The Butler. once you come in the door take out your GBA Horror and look left along the wall, you should see a mouse hole, scan it and a gust of wind will appear from the hole. Moving over to this wind should allow you to be sucked into the hole. You will be in the treasure room catch all the ghosts in the room and after clearing the room a chest should appear which conceals jewels and lots of dollars and coins. One more thing this is really important the ghost in this room are element ghosts, ice ghosts, to be specific; so you need the fire element if you want to catch them so make sure you have it. The ability to use fire is necessary to reach that point in the game so just make sure you are carrying a supply of the element. The element can be found from the candle outside the Dining Room and also in the Mirror Room. Once you have caught all the ice ghosts make sure you check all items in the room as they should hold large amounts of cash.

Treasure room #2

This room can be found by going to the roof of the mansion, which can be accessed from an elevator in the room the had the clockwork trio. Walk out onto the balcony and move to the right and their should be a ladder leading up to a massive chimney. Climb the ladder and walk the plank and you will come out of a fireplace in the treasure room. After catching the ghosts in this room you are award with a chest bearing the key to the optional ghost: Sue Pea, who is found on the second floor, which leads to more riches. Make sure to check every object in the room, they should hold large amounts of cash or even a jewel (the chandelier). The next problem is leaving, one thing most people don't know is if you take the GBA horror and scan a mirror you will be teleported back to the first room of the mansion, it works like that with every mirror. Their should be a mirror located in the North-East corner of the room under a sheet, suck this up and teleport back to the main room.

If your still having trouble with getting the "A" ranking you can take this link where I explain how to find two huge diamonds. Using these two hubs you should be able to receive the "A" rating with no problem. Here is a link to the hub that will show you how to find these two diamonds:


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    • greekwarrior profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

      Thank you, I try my best to make this guide, I was playing through it again and decided i'd share this.

    • jesimpki profile image


      6 years ago from Radford, VA

      I liked playing this game a few years ago. Nice walk-through!


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