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Five Things I Love About Microsoft's XBOX 360

Updated on March 23, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 5

This is the 5th day of the Gratitude Challenge I started.  I decided for the next couple of hubs, I should talk about the game systems I have.  The Xbox 360 is one of them.  I have grown up with videos, ever since the birth of NIntendo.  Well not really because I wasn't born yet, but as early as I can remember, I was playing Mario games.  Things have changed since then, and there are two other super giants other than NIntendo.  I love them all and Microsoft is one of them with their system (or second system), the Xbox 360.  Their first one was the XBOX.  And who knows, maybe the third one will be the XBOX 720.  Anyways, here my five reasons why I love the XBOX360.  


Xbox 360 Live is a great way to play online with others. It is the best online community out of all the of the systems.  There are a LOT of active members that are constantly playing games, chatting, exploring, shopping and more all on the console.  Even though there is a monthly fee (The only console to have one) it is WELL worth it.  You get support when you need it and it's fast!  A lot of games on the console work really well with the online interface. 

Easy Controller Interface

The controller fits comfortable in any hand and there is a handy Dashboard button in the middle that kind of works like the Start button on your computer.  Except it pauses whatever game you are playing.  The controllers are wireless, so no hassle with not being close enough.  Also, there are new wireless induction charging mats. You can just lay your XBOX 360 controller on the pad and it charges! Wirelessly! Amazing!

Great Game Selection

The games available to XBOX 360, especially the exclusive XBOX 360 games, are made with huge quality in mind.  Each game has had hundreds of developers working together to create this masterpiece.  Games like Halo are one of the best selling games of all time.  The Fable series is also a great game to try out.  They also have numerous add ons for a lot of their games you can download online.  Perfect for those who get bored easily with some games.  

Awesome Customer Support

Yes, there has been the XBOX red ring of death in my household. A couple of times though.  But those times are way over, and each time we sent out the XBOX 360, we got a new one within days.  Really fast service and they definitely want their gamers to game!


I recently got XBOX Kinect and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The game selection right now isn't that huge, but some games available are really fun. Dance Central is currently my favorite, where you can learn to dance. It capture your movements so it knows it you are doing it correctly. Great game if you want to start moving. Make sure you have room though!


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    • mylife=adventure profile image

      Casey Coulter 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Xbox Live is the main thing that sets it apart from any other console. The interaction between other players is more personally and a lot more than other consoles. Good Hub thanks for sharing!