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Review of Microsoft's XBOX 360 Kinect

Updated on January 30, 2011

So is it worth it?

The XBOX Kinect has been out now for a couple of months.  I got one recently and I and happy for my purchase.  But I feel some other people may get bored easily and until some new games come out, its not selling at its best potential.  It a very advanced and sophisticated piece of technology that I am proud to have in my household.  I have always wanted to be able to just move my arms and have a camera know what I was doing and respond according on screen. The Wii controllers were getting too annoying to hold after the couple of years I used one and I wanted a change.  Some people overlook the advancements of this day and age.  I mean this camera does not need anything to be able to track your movements.  It knows where your head, hands and feet are.  And even though its not point on with your movements (I didn't expect it to, in fact nothing can really do that now, the PS3 is the best their motion tracking AND controller tracking with motion censors), it's still good enough for stuff like dancing.  I'm pretty sure many people who try the Kinect will not even notice a capture lag anyways.  It also moves to track where you are in the room.  The first time I turned it on, it was like it was alive!  

Already games like Dance Central are getting popular. It is a game that captures your movements and scores you're dancing. Videos are popping up all over Youtube of people playing this game.  For all these games, you need a lot of space in the area your gaming console is in.  In front of the TV needs to be clear, and it really helps to use the biggest screened TV in your house.  Another fun game is the game that comes with the Kinect itself. I'm not sure of all the packages, but my Kinect can with Kinect Adventures. It have a bunch of mini games you use you body to play. And I mean really use your body. You will be stretching, jumping, turning, splitting, you name it! And it's very responsive to the mini games.  You have to be moving.

Don't Let This Happen!


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    • wordscribe43 profile image

      Elsie Nelson 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      We are getting one as soon as possible. I've heard great things about the Kinect from my friends... Glad there's an alternative to Wii now.