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Forbidden lore warhammer fantasy battle 8th edition vampire counts vampiric power

Updated on February 12, 2012

Forbidden lore

Forbidden lore is another vampiric power that has undergone significant change from 7th edition into 8th edition. The addition of extra lore's that both hero level vampires and vampire lordscan take also affects this vampiric power. All vampire can now choose to take spells from the lore of shadows and the lore of death, and even necromancers can select spells from the lore of death alongside the lore of the vampires. This makes this vampiric power redundant if you are planning to take those lore's.

In 7th edition forbidden lore granted you lore master of any of the lore's of magic from the warhammer rulebook with the exception of the lore of life (it must be difficult for vampires being dead to utilise this lore). Now in 8th edition it allows the same selection of lore's but no longer grants you the lore master special rule meaning you must select spells as normal.

Also the general of the vampire counts army is compelled to use the lore of the vampires meaning that at least one of your high leadership wizards most likely a vampire lord must select spells from the lore of the vampires. This precludes having a high level wizard with forbidden lore except in games with a very large points allowance.

Pros and cons of forbidden lore

Pros are that it is an excellent vampiric power for a hero level vampire where you are after the default or signature spell of one of the following five lore's fire, metal, beasts, heavens and light. Remember you can take shadow and death anyway now. The signature spells are

  • Fireball, basic magic missile with more powerful but higher casting value versions
  • Searing doom, useful against opponents who take heavily armoured troops
  • Shem's burning gaze, useful against other undead and daemon armies
  • Iceshard blizzard, one of the less useful spells
  • Wissan's wildform, augments one of your units with +1 strength and toughness

Cons are that if you are after a specific spell you must invest considerable points in vampire heroes with this vampiric power or trust to luck to get the spell you require. Also the lore of vampire spell invocation of nehek is vital to the survivability of vampire counts armies and any vampire with forbidden lore cannot select this spell. The lore of the vampires, death and shadow are all good lore's and can be taken for free.

Best lore to take with forbidden lore?

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    • profile image

      Vamp fan 4 years ago

      A bluer ugh skill you get the best lores anyway

    • Arioch profile image

      Gordon D Easingwood 5 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Rare I take it as well only if you really want the signature spell some such as metal are occasionally worth taking otherwise I find lore of the vampires, death and shadow more then sufficient.

    • profile image

      Count Jondi 5 years ago

      Disregarding the previous comment, i forgot death and shadow didn't require "Forbidden Lore"

      Although, i must say i don't see myself running "Forbidden lore" as the Lore of the vampires simply suits my needs far better

    • profile image

      Count Jondi 5 years ago

      your poll doesn't list my top 2 lores to take with forbidden lore

      Death & Shadow