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Stencils for Kids Plus More Free Fun

Updated on October 3, 2014
first finished crown
first finished crown

Easy Printable Crown

You might recognize the shape of this crown because it originally came from Burger King. Everyone that has been to Burger King knows about the crowns, and I just happened to have it sitting around. While mulling over thoughts about what I could give to the public through Hubpages and how I could keep my daughter busy, I saw the crown and knew. Honestly, it didn't keep her busy for as long as I hoped and much of it I had to do myself, but if you have a child who needs a rainy day activity and also a new crown, this might be for them. I thought it as a good idea because you can use all kinds of things to decorate it, so each child would be able to make it their own. I also favored this idea because when my daughter has a boy over to play, they can't play dress up because the boy won't wear girl's tiaras and dresses. This way there is sure to be a king or prince in your child's fairytale play.

click on each picture for full size, then print
click on each picture for full size, then print

Best Way to Make It

After printing out the pictures each on seperate paper, they need to be cut out and then glued on posterboard. You can have your child paint the crown before or after; adding things like glitter, stickers, even buttons or ribbon to it. After it dries completely you can cover it with laminate so it will last a little longer. Then you have to measure your childs head because you might not need the middle section at all. You can either cut this part to fit, or just overlap it. When you have the right size, tape the middle section to the other two sides securely and then put the little hook through one of the slits to keep snugly on their head. This may not sound like it will look good, but it does! Check out the picture!

the other side of the crown on my daughter
the other side of the crown on my daughter
cut with an xacto knife or razor blade to get smoother edges
cut with an xacto knife or razor blade to get smoother edges

Stencil Fun

After starting the crown I realized that I needed to have more fun with paper. This is another great, but cheap way, to keep kids busy on a rainy day. Stencils not only provides them with ways to practice using pencils, but teaches children many other things. I made up some animal stencils that I hope will get them to think about the colors, where the eyes would go, things like that. I also made up some stencils for the pros that want to expand on their creativity even more.

Simply print these out and then glue onto posterboard.

At this point you might want to cover with laminate to make them a little more durable.

Cut them out into pieces, keeping each page separate, then cut out along the inside of each stencil. You don't have to worry about keeping the inside part perfect as long as the outside is smooth.

Don't Forget "I Spy"....

You can't write a hub on fun pages for kids and not say something about I Spy. This game is often played while traveling when you see something you pass by you say: "I spy with my little eye..." and the other person has to guess what it is.

This game has now evolved into a big thing with specific I Spy books that you can buy. For anyone that doesn't know, "I Spy" is actually a game where you are given a list of things to find in the picture. Not only books and kids magazines have them, but there are also many hidden object games on the computer or another game device.

I was given a Where's Waldo book when I was maybe ten or eleven and absolutely loved it. Even though I wore the book out pretty good I still had to pass it down to my daughter. If you haven't heard of it, its the same as I Spy, only you have to find the character Waldo, and then at the end it gives you a list of other things to find on each page. There are quite a few pages and they are all filled with funny things, and people doing funny things. The thing is, my daughter is only four and I helped her with it maybe once, and she already knows where he is in each one because she has much better memorization skills than I did.

Buy Brain Teasers Here


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