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Easy, Creative Activities for Young Kids

Updated on September 13, 2014
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Flower Art

This activity is an excellent choice for kids ages 6 and up. Younger children will have fun too ,just be prepared to "help" them with most of it because hammers are usually heavy to small hands. The more flowers the better!! If it is out of season or you don't have a lot of variety at home you can always buy them, they don't have to be fancy. As long as they are colorful and not dry, they will work great.

You will need:

white paper (at least four each person)



flowers: sunflower, pansy, cosmos, vioets, any kind that the petals can open up easily and aren't too big, work the best. Try to use many different colors to make it bright

Grass if you want a really green color

The directions are just as simple as the material is. Tape a piece of paper onto a slab of wood or a table so that it will stay secure. Then, have them pick out the colors they would lke to use in thier compositions. Show them how you can open the petals an fan them out, or pull the petals off and sprinkle them like confetti to cover the paper. Kids can arrange them to make an abstract work of art or beautiful new flowers.

When the placing of the flowers is complete, carefully cover them with a second piece of paper and tape that down. Whie you supervise, have the kids use the hammer to pound the entire back of the paper until you start to see the colors coming through. Slowly remove top paper and see if it all came out, if it doesn't look complete cover it up again, and pound a few more times.

It shouldn't take long to get the desired effect of beautiful flowers in full bloom.


Small Scrapbooks

It is easy to create pictures from other pictures, that is why scrapbooking has become so popular. The amount of materials that you can buy for these are endless, and you don't exactly need any talent or experience with drawing or painting to achieve something tasteful.

Children love to cut, glue, paint, and create. Children also love little books that they tenderly make with the help of a loved one. For this project, you don't have to go out and buy a ton of stuff because kids are happy with the simplest things.

What you need:

glue stick (one each child)

magazines of any kind although preferably something kids are interested in

paint, markers, or crayons

paper of any kind


ribbons, buttons

photo album

stickers, letters


poster board

First have kids look through magazines and cut out anything they really like, but be aware that younger kids will cut out almost everything. If the child is too young to use scissors, you can cut for them. Cut out some letters also, so that there will be various ways to add words to your project.

They best thing to use to make a sturdy book is poster board, but constuction paper can be glued together to make it stronger and will also be colorful. There are several ways to make a simple book, but it is easiest to use paper and fold them either in half or quarters. If you want to use something like poster board, you will have to cut and bind it. Kids are usually happy with just the simple paper ones, and it keeps them busy. Photo albums are always a great way to do scrapbooking, but they can get expensive.

Once the paper is ready, the children just glue and stick to their hearts desire. Try to give them a topic on each page, and help them spell out their favorite words. To make it more interesting, you can use a variety of other materials like glitter, ribbon, feathers, and buttons.

Use pictures the child has drawn or a photograph or two of them or their loved ones, a picture of their favorite pet. Then have them use markers, paint or crayons to fill in any gaps and make the book complete.

Don't forget the first page is the cover!! If you want, you can use a heavier material than paper to make it look more like a book, and make sure you have a back also! A great idea if you have some extra fabric, you can measure it to the a slightly larger size of the book cover (both front and back), and then glue it onto the cover, folding the sides, top and bottom over onto the other side.

No Bake Cookies!

I remember eating these when I was younger, and I could not believe how melt-in-your-mouth good they are! Now that I know how easy they are to make, I also know how much sugar is in them, but they are fun for kids, that means fun for us too!


You will need:

2 egg whites

2/3 cup sugar

any or all of these: Chocolate bits, buttescotch bits,candied cherry, nuts, coconut


cookie sheet


Preheat oven to 375°F and beat eggs until very stiff.

Slowly add sugar and a dash of salt. Then add other ingredients.

Line a cookie sheet with foil and drop by teaspoon 1 inch apart. Place in oven and immediately turn it off; leave overnight

This video might help


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