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Affordable, Fun, and Potentionally Profitable Hobbies: Master These Skills for Great Income on the Side!

Updated on September 26, 2014

1. For the Musically Inclined:

This first hobby can be cheap if you know any musicians that have instruments to share. If there is no kind musician, and you do not already have an instrument, this one could be a bit pricey to start out. But the profit you could earn is completely worth it. There are many coffee shops, community events, and open mic nights looking for talent. If you are in a large city, you could even take to the streets!

Pick up some type- ANY TYPE of musical instrument! Try out the guitar, drums, even your voice (obviously the cheapest) - see if you have a hidden talent! If you're already musically inclined- this is a wonderful hobby for you to try!

For most people, earning how to play an instrument takes time and patience, but for others, it can come naturally. Either way, it can bring feelings of accomplishment and joy!

Also, you can learn at your own pace- only YOU can improve your skills!

2. Brushes, Canvas.. or Finger Painting!

So, Music didn't quite work out for you... you cracked the symbol... you dropped the new guitar and are now on a payment plan for 7 years in order to pay the music shop for thousands of dollars worth of damages, HEY! Don't worry, These things happen.

So let's move on to something more... quiet...

Colorful painting!

You don't need to start off with $200 paint, or a $160 Easel..
Run by the dollar store and grab some supplies from the kids section, YEAH, THE KID'S SECTION; tell everyone else in the dollar store that you have kids if you feel inclined to. It is up to you.

You can buy some "How to Paint" Books (I LOVE Bob Ross.. and his Afro) or you could just go at it.

It is your creativity, your art, your choice!

3. Knitting/ Crocheting:

Paint flew everywhere, your cat peed on your brushes, and you cannot wash the paint out of your hair... right before your HUGE interview... don't freak out.

Let's moove on to my personal favorite (and why my fiancé tells everyone I am a premature Crazy old cat lady):

Knitting and Crocheting!

Starting out is relatively cheap, just some knitting needles, or a crochet hook, and some yarn.

You could grab a "Beginners Guide to knitting" book, or look it up online.

I like having the book, so I can ALWAYS have it, even 25 years from now, I can pick it up and say... "Why haven't I Knitted in 25 years?!"

I like this hobby because you can knit while doing other things, like watching TV, Hanging out with your cats, drinking tea, or proving that you are a premature old cat lady... I'M 23!

Let me know how you enjoy this one!!!!

Knitting and Crotcheting can turn out to be a profitable hobby!
Knitting and Crotcheting can turn out to be a profitable hobby! | Source

Choosing Supplies

No matter what hobby you choose to dabble in, it is always a great idea to start with a variety of different types of supplies. The best example is knitting! There are so many different types of yarn, different colors, textures, and elasticity. I started with one huge ball of cheap black yarn and a variety of smaller balls of yarns to play with. The cheap black yarn made it easy for me to practice, mess up, and re knit anything.

The huge variety of other yarns made it exciting to try new things once I had the basics down ( it doesn't take long!)

4. Nail Art!

Okay ladies...and some gent's.. we don't judge.. Let's talk Nails!

I was a tomboy until about 19, so doing my nails was a very new thing for me, but when I started, I could not stop!!

I picked up some nail polish (especially designed for nail art) on EBay for 99 cents... This was a 24 pack of nail polish... Absolutely loved it, and could not believe the price!

I have painted so many different styles on my nails- and they look much healthier!

I learned how to paint a bunch of different designs on YouTube.

And Hey.. If you can do THIS one really well... start your own business ;)

5. Yard Sales and Garage Sales

If the sun is shining, and you have the time- try having a yard sale! This can get you some quickly cash. For some people, this can turn into a great profitable weekend hobby.

Never had a yard sale before? Check out the link below on how to pull one off!

6. Writing, Blogging, or Journalism

So turns out none of the above are your cup of tea. How about writing? Are you skilled with the pen... Or.. Ehm.. Keyboard? Try putting that creativity out there!

There are many free sites that you can use for blogging, writing articles, or even reviews.

Check out the examples below, tell me what tickles your fancy. Are you a blogger, an informant, or a critic?


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    • Woodmckinney profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Maryland

      Hahaha!! Awewse! Lets do this!

      Thanks for checking this out!

    • David Trujillo profile image

      David Trujillo Uribe 

      7 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

      Liked. "lets bring this thread back to life"... you get me.


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