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Funny Riddles for all ages

Updated on September 26, 2013

Riddles helps in improving the overall functioning of our brain. Riddles are very much fun for the children and it makes them more intelligent. We can say it as an exercise for our brain. The riddles helps in improving the thinking capacity of the people. The riddles can also be called as puzzles. Some of the riddles or puzzles will be very hard or even confusing. Riddles are also time pass games. These riddles helps in solving difficult tasks. We can see riddles usually in children's magazines. These riddles are very fun to solve. Here are some riddles which can be solved for all ages.please try to solve them. The answers are given at the end of this hub.

Some Funny Riddles

1. Who is the biggest mum?

2. A net which cannot catch fish

3. The man who gives music always

4. A body we cannot see

5. Who does the batsman always fear?

6. Which is the room we eat?

7. What kind of ants have 2 legs?

8. Name a thing which is always late?

9. What question could never be answered 'yes'

10. What has legs but cannot walk?

11. What has a head but cannot think?

12. What has hands but cannot write?

13. What has teeth but cannot bite?

14. What has an eye but cannot see?

15. Which is the slippery country of the world?

16. What is that which comes ones in a year but twice in a week?

17. Why do we go to bed?

18. In whose house there are a lot of gates?

19. Why is the oil afraid of letter 'B'?

20. The painful inch?

21. Who is the frozen writer?

22. Gandhi's words, which we cannot forget, are worth following.
Can you spot out the famous English poet, who is hidden in this sentence?

23. If you look at me, I'll look at you, if you grin at me, I'll grin at you.
If you dance, I'll also dance. But if you shout, sorry, I can't, who am I?

24. There are letters on it . But it is not a book,
round in shape but not a wheel what is it?

25. Its neither a bird nor a plane
But flies and flutters in the air
And the pilot who controls it
Stands here with a cheerful smile
Can you guess what is it?

26. A few years ago an American claimed
that he could touch the sky and
he demonstrated it before a group of people.
Can you imagine how he had performed the task?

27. What is 'he'? Give your answer in a complete sentence?

28. What will happen if you put a small
piece of wood in a pool of water?

29. Every day it comes from the north,
east, west and south. What is it?

30. Every thing I swallow
Is digested in full
But if I drink water
I'll die soon guess what is it?


1. Maximum

2. Internet

3. Walkman

4. Nobody

5. Bowler

6. Mushroom

7. Pant

8. Chocolate

9. Are you sleeping?

10. Table

11. Pin

12. Clock

13. Comb

14. Needle

15. Greece

16. The letter 'E'

17. Because bed can't come to us

18. Bill Gates

19. It can make it boil

20. Pinch

21. Robert frost

22. Words worth

23. Mirror

24. Coin

25. Kite

26. He wrote the word 'Sky' on a piece of paper and touched it

27. He is a pronoun used instead of a noun

28. The wood will get wet

29. The news

30. Fire


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    • sujithbeta profile image

      Sreejith k 4 years ago from Kerala, India

      Thanks jameela

    • profile image

      jameela ali 4 years ago

      they are ok ok nice