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FurReal Butterscoth Pony Review

Updated on December 10, 2012

The best gift for a child that loves horses!

As a child, I used to love horses. I remember the good old days when the " My little Pony" toys came out. Every Christmas therefore, my parents knew what I wanted. I collected them so I tried to get them all.

I also liked the small plastic toy horses. And the best of all? The Barbie horses. These were beautiful and the most realistic toy horses on the market. These were the good old days. These were the 1980s and this was what the toy market offered. At that time those toys were very precious to me. I eagerly played with them all day and slept with them at night.

Nowadays, a child that loves horses can get much much more. Introducing Butterscotch the Fur Real pony made by Hasbro. Now get ready to be surprised as this pony is no ordinary pony!

Butterscotch is able to do a lot more than my little plastic child hood horses did. The secret behind this? Technology. Butterscotch is armed with various sensors that make this horse lively. The pony reacts to movement, light and sound. It is amazing for me to watch how this horse interacts with a child. It raises its ears when talked to, swishes its tails and neighs. It also emits air from its nostrils!

Children can even ride him. Now he will not walk but he will move a bit for the child's contentment. It looks like he is also afraid of the dark and needs the child to hug him and reassure him!

So if you child loves horses but yet, you do not have the money or space for the real thing, Butterscotch may be the answer. So this Christmas watch your child's eyes brighten as you bring Butterscotch alive, she will likely scream "A pony!"

Adavantages of Furr Real Horses

  • No big poops to clean around your home
  • Cost effective: doesn't need hay, carrots or oats
  • No need to board your horse at the stable when you need to go on vacation
  • Easy to store, not need for a stable filled out with hay
  • Doesn't bite or kick
  • Won't buck and let your child fall
  • No need to invest on saddle, reins and other apparel
  • This horse does not need a costly blacksmith to replace horse shoes
  • Much more affordable than a real horse, but looks real
  • Horse is not moody, always in a good mood, sweet temperament
  • Loves cuddling and is safe around children
  • Won't wreak havoc in your home like a bull in a china shop!
  • Won't step on your child's feet!
  • Will make your child happy until she is old enough to have a real horse

I really wished there was a horse like this back in my days! It would have made me extra happy! All I had was plastic horses that I had to move and make them neigh. This horse is almost like the real thing!


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